Association of Tax Payers of Odesa Oblast, Izmail Branch of Oblast Public Organization

  • Address:
    31b Kalinina str., c. Ismail, Odesa reg., 68600, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(04841) 2-05-95, 2-31-15
Head - Ludmyla Kozlova
Chief Specialist - Valentyna Ablayeva

Registration Date: 1999
Status: city

- ensuring the protection of tax payers’ rights and interests;
- preparing and submitting proposals on improving the normative-legislative acts on taxation to local executive authorities for consideration;
- fostering the creation of legislative and social environment, favorable for attracting people to entrepreneurship;
- support state reforms on taxation that stimulate the development of the priority branches of industry;
- represent member interests in the state bodies, in the process of creating and implementing the state policy of SME development.