Association of Tax Payers of Ternopil Oblast

  • Address:
    office 40, 32 Zhivova str., c. Ternopil, 46008, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(0352) 52-81-88, 52-87-46
President - Serhiy Babiy
Executive Director - Volodymyr Dobrynsky

Registration Date: 1999
Status: oblast

- Protect the interests of tax payers in state executive bodies, including tax authorities, courts, etc.;
- Develop proposals on amendments to the existing legislation;
- Provide various legal services;
- Assist with business registration: preparing the necessary documents, filling them out, obtaining special permissions, patents, etc.;
- Assist in running tax accounting;
- Provide free consulting on the issues of taxation, legal and business activity;
- Provide members with the opportunities to attend free seminars, lectures and courses, conducted by the Association with participation of professional specialists.