ABB (Asea, Brown & Boveri, Ltd)

  • Address:
    28 Druzhby Narodiv bulv., c. Kyiv, 02103, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(044) 239-29-49, 295-97-35, 296-46-43
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Director - Andrey Abdulakh

ABB is a world electrical engineering Group serving customers in electric power generation, transmission and
distribution, industrial and building systems and rail transportation. It was created in 1988 to better anticipate and capitalize on
new and changing opportunities in available at the growing international market. ABB now employs 216000 people in 140
countries around the world and has major operations in Europe, the Americas and Asian Pacific.

With a Research & Development budget of more than US$ 2 billion a year, some 17 000 ABB researchers and engineers develop commercially valuable know-hows aimed at making our customers more competitive.

Today ABB has Joint Ventures in Khmelnitskiy, Rivne and Kharkiv and employs over 1,700 employees in Ukraine.