Capital && Commerce International, Company

  • Address:
    #4, 14/1, vul. Dovzhenka, c. Kyiv, 02023, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(044) 277-79-14
Director - Stella Pavluk

Capital & Commerce International (CCI) is a high technology company. CCI proudly represents Kingston Technology Corporation on exclusive basis. Kingston is a designer and manufacturer of memory, processor, networking, storage and upgrades products for personal computers, workstations and laser printers.

Additionally, CCI provides computer manufacturers (OEM's) with hardware components and software. CCI is a Microsoft Delivery Service Provider, supplying Microsoft software, mice and keyboards to OEM's distributors and PC retailers.

Compaq, HP computers and printers, Toshiba laptops, IBM, Micron Electronics, Cisco are just the few of the world's high technology leaders whose products CCI sells in Ukraine. It is the combination of western standard products, service and support that make CCI your first choice for all your information technology needs.