Dipropromteplytsya, Ukrainian State Designing Institute of the Constructions of Defended Soil

  • Address:
    2 Magnitogorska str., c. Lugansk, 91011, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(0642) 53-15-41, 53-23-51, 53-23-67, 53-82-58
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Director - Volodymyr M. Vodopianov

The Ukrainian State projective institute of defended soil constructions "Dipropromteplytsya" was founded in 1970 (ex-Ail-Union state projective institute of defended soil constructions "Gipropromteplitsa").

The institute is a part of "UkrNRIagroproject" association, Kyiv.
The institute "Dipropromteplytsya" designs defended soil constructions for growing vegetables, mushrooms, flowers, citrus giants, wild strawberries etc. as well as projects of the plants producing metal constructions and equipment for these plants in all the regions of the former USSR from Brest to Kamchatka and abroad, in particular in Poland, Hungary, Yugoslavia, Mongolia, and Tunisia for more than 30 years.

Nowadays the Institute implements the design works for construction of:
1 .The constructions of defended soil for growing vegetables, mushrooms, flowers, citrus plants, wild strawberries. and seedlings.
2. Public and industrial buildings and constructions (including offices, shops, cafes);
3. Constructions for storing and processing the fruit-vegetable production;
4. Biolaboratories serving hothouse factories;
5. Mushroom houses sq. 0,35; 0,5; 0,75 ha, including mushroom houses in the mountainous and saline mines, ac-commodated premises;
6. Laboratories producing mycelium;
7. Departments on dressing skins;
8. Maintenance stations, including stations for private individuals;
9. Filling stations and warehouses for storing oil products;
10. Oxygen's, acetylene, propanois filling stations and mini plants producing them (liquid and gaseous oxygen, liq-uid nitrogen);
11. Engineering networks and constructions in them for water-supply, sewerage of warmth-supply, gas-supply, telephonization, installation of radio on the objects;
12. Production of bio humus in the mountainous outputs;
13. Reconstruction's and renovation of the existing buildings, constructions and engineering networks, accomplishes the transfers of the centralized heating systems of the buildings to the autonomous heating systems with the system of the mini boiler-houses.

The Institute implements various warm-mechanical calculations and calculations of heating systems with the make of recommendations on transferring the buildings to more economical heating systems; the investigation and certification of the buildings and constructions; the expert appraisal of the property, the property and propertyless rights and business, chattels and real estate, machines, equipment, securities and intellectual property; engineering services in construction.