Industrial Donbass Union, Corporation

  • Address:
    48 Shchorsa str., c. Donetsk, 83050, Ukraine
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    +38(062) 381-40-02, 381-40-06
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The Corporation was founded in 1995.

Among the founders of the corporation are:
Donetsk Regional Department of Academy of Technological Science of Ukraine;
Academy of Economics of Ukraine (Donetsk)
Donetsk Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Donetsk)
Limited Liability Company "Project-Construction Company "Azovintex" (Mariupol)
Closed Joint-Stock Company "Vizavi" (Donetsk)
Starting from the first days of our existance the corporation took the responsibility to ensure the payments of enterprises for the spent gas, to reestablish cooperational ties between them with the concurrent increase in production, speed-up and reduction of production costs.
At present "Industrial Donbass Union" works with more than 600 enterprises of Donetsk, Dnepropetrovsk and Luhansk regions.

Profile activities:
One of the main profile activities of our Corporation is implementation of regional program "Strip-Tube -Gas". Hundreds of companies of our region take part in the program, among which are our main partners - Mariupol Metal Works and Khartzysk Tube Works. The implementation of this program enabled Khartzysk Tube Works to increase two times the production of large-diameter pipes for gas main pipe-lines. In 1998 the Corporation invested underseal produced by UBE (Japanese Firm) for pipes of "north" performance, produced by Khartzysk Tube Works.

Together with Donetsk Association "Oblavtodor" "Industrial Donbass Union" Corporation carries out complex construction program and a program for automobile roads reconstruction, including highways.
The corporation actively applies oblast's rich scientific potential by financing development and implementation of scientific projects.
During the last two years the corporation has been maintaining the agrarian sector of Donetsk oblast providing them with sales markets and crediting,
The corporation also conducts social work. More than one million USD are transferred for charity purposes each year.

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