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Director- Dmytro Oreshkin

Technological Group "Ekipage" works in the area of designing and producing electric insulating materials and devices on the basis of our section insulating fiberglass plastic materials with special weatherproof protective coating. Taking into consideration our vast experience in the filed of electrical safety tools we would like to propose you our own products designed on the basis of materials capacities and advanced technologies.

Technological Group "Ekipage" has been working since 1993 in the filed of electrical safety tools. For this period the products of our company have gained stable positive reputation and at present time a lot of enterprises generating, transmitting and distributing electrical power use our products. Consumers of our products are not only Ukrainian power companies (Regional electric supply companies, Highway networks, Electrical Power Stations, Regional departments of "Ukrtelecom", railways, underground network, electric utility services of different plants) but also enterprises from Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Bulgaria.

Our company has numerous awards from professional-specific exhibitions of various levels for the high performance and quality of our goods. On the exhibition "Development in Designing, Constructing and Operating of Electrical Network Systems" ("ЛЭП 2000, 2001"), that took place under the auspices of "United Electrical Network Systems of Russia", Technological group "Ekipage" was awarded Golden Diploma for the quality of our products and high technical level. From 1996 Technological Group "Ekipage" has been displaying its products in All-Russian Exhibition Hall (Moscow) in its booth in pavilion "Electrification".

At present time technological Group "Ekipage" produces wide range of electrical safety tools from section electric insulating fiberglass plastic materials:
- fiberglass plastic single-throw hook ladders, height - 2-5 meters, steps spacing - 0,25 and 0,33 m..
Intended for preparing elevated working places. In order to prevent diddling of the ladder during the work lower ends of stringers are equipped with rubber end caps (for smooth surfaces) or metal end caps (for solid grounds). In order to prevent falling down from the ladder through accidental toppling over or pushes the upper ends of stringers which are leaned against pipelines or wires can be equipped with special grappling irons.

- sloping step-ladders and combined ladders.
Intended for conducting preventive, repairing and recovery works with contact systems, electrified railways and power lines, involving climbing on the platforms up to 12m high. Ladders are equipped with safety devices against falling down from the ladder. Besides design envisages possibility for fixing a pulley block, cargo lifting device, intermediate bearers etc.

- vertical step-ladders.
Intended for conducting works involving lifting on the platforms up to 24m high. Ladders are equipped with safety devices against falling down from the ladder.

- transformable ladders and step-ladders.
Intended for conducting installation, adjustment, and repairing works in electric power stations, industrial, other community constructions and outdoors. The ladder consists of two folding elements of the same length, which are connected to each other by means of two lateral gearing swivel blocks. The ladder design enables to change slope angle ranging from 180° to 0° with the pitch 15° that enables to use the ladder both as ladder and step-ladder.

- step-ladders with operating platform height from 1 to 3m and step pitch 0,33m and 0,25m.
Intended for usage in different industrial plants, repairing, adjustment and maintenance works. In order to prevent diddling or overturning of the ladder lower ends of stringers are equipped with rubber end caps (for smooth surfaces) or metal end caps (for solid grounds). The ladder is also equipped with devices fixing stringers in steady position.

- light-weight insulating operational rods and multifunctional operational rods for all voltage rates.
Intended for different operations in electric stations of direct and alternative currents of commercial frequency.

- insulating rods with gage head.
Intended for checking insulators in power transmission line with voltage rate 35-330 kV.

- contact potential pointer of power stations for voltage rate up to kV.
Intended as main electrical protective device during detecting presence or absence of voltage in high-voltage and switch gear electric stations of alternative current with commercial frequency, voltage 6-20 kV, 20-35 kV, 35-110 kV (inclusive). The pointers operate without test portion earthing. The pointers are equipped with the device for performance check.

- temporary earthing for high-voltage electric lines and switch gears for all voltage rates.
Intended for protection of workers working on open parts of high-voltage lines and gear boxes from induced voltage. Shorting conductors and earthing draw-off are covered with strong and transparent coating. Connection of shorting conductors can be performed in "star" or "wave" mode.

- earthing for lightning guard cord of high-voltage line isolated from bearing for voltage 110-500kV, 750-1100 kV.
Used for earthing of lightning guard cord isolated from bearing on high-voltage transmission lines 110-500 kV and 750-1100 kV.

- temporary earthing device УЗП-К.
Intended for earthing of contact system of electrified railroads. УЗП-К provides earthing of contact system with suspension height 6,8m from railhead surface.

-load-on device for high-voltage transmission lines.
Intended for emergency tripping and earthing of high-voltage transmission lines in electric stations with voltage from 0,4 kV to 10 kV inclusive by way of shorting of high-voltage transmission line and shorting jumper, connected to earthing..

- cable puncturer ППК-10.
Intended for indicating absence of current up to 10 kV in the repaired cable before dissecting it by puncturing cable to diameter and shorting all threads of all phases between each other and to earthing. Can be used indoors and outdoors during performing operations with cables placed only in cable ditches or trenches.

- dismountable insulating tower.
Intended for maintenance of contact system facilities of electrified railways with traction voltage 3 kV of alternative current commercial frequency.

- movable towers with moving working place.
Intended for conducting repair-preventive operations involving lifting on the height. Towers have different modifications: with sliding and folding working platform.

All the proposed products are admitted for utilization on electric power plants in Ukraine and Russia.


Field of application:
- producing of carrier and pedestal insulators in electrical engineering (electric engines, high-voltage transformers, electric substations, current transmission lines, dielectric rods, ladders, step-ladders etc.);

- construction elements of high-voltage power transformers, reactors and compensators;

- hardening elements of various cables, including cable for fiber-optic communications;

- construction elements for various purposes, requiring light weight, high rupture strength, corrosion resistant, (wedges, pins, dowels for fastening wooden parts of carpentry and furniture, pipes and other shapes for transporting corrosive liquids, fitting for mounting heat insulation in the premises, pumping rods etc.)

Type of performance:
- according to processing characteristics: cable, high-voltage, insulating, and constructing.
- according to design: rods, bars, pipes of various shapes and length (diameter up to 60 mm).

Technological Group "Ekipage" is interested in establishing business contacts with the representatives of Polish business. We are ready to consider any propositions concerning promotion of electric safety tools and devices produced by Technological Group "Ekipage".

We are ready to submit further information and give answers to all the questions that are of interest for you.

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