Lviv Chamber of Commerce and Industry

  • Address:
    14 Strysky park, c. Lviv, 79011, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(032) 276-46-11
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President - Dmytro Aftanas

Having celebrated its 150 anniversary of its foundation in September 2000, the Lviv Chamber of Commerce and Industry enjoys direct partner relations with the Chambers of the CIS, Central and East European countries.

The Committee of Entrepreneurs is operating at the Lviv Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The committee supports newly-born economic structures, spread the Ukrainian and foreign working experience and lobbies interests, laws and state programs in the Bodies of Executive and Legislative Power to support industries.

Representative offices of the Chamber have been created in the towns of Brody and Kamianka-Buzka and creation of these in Drohobych and Yavir is being considered.

The city of Lviv is the regional center of the Lviv Region of which the population is approximately three million inhabitants and the area is 21.8 thousand square kilometers. The number of residents in the city is 820 thousand people.

Bordering on the countries of Europe, Lviv is a rich industrial and agricultural center with a powerful economic foundation. The region has vast reserves of natural resources among which are coal, oil, gas, bitumen, sulphur, peat, potassium carbonic, rock-salt, raw materials for production of high-quality building materials.

Lviv is a cultural, political and economic center in the West of Ukraine. This is a city of gorgeous architectural heritage of different styles existed in the XIII - XX centuries with a powerful scientific center where about 100 thousand students are being trained. At present the Lviv Region is home to approximately 40 thousand private and public enterprises (including about 850 private and public enterprises with participation of foreign capital) that produced goods and services to the amount of about 4 milliard gryvnias in 2000.

Within the territory of the region there are two operating Special Economic Zones, namely, "Yavoriv" and the resort center "Kururtopolis "Trouskavets". In the city of Lviv the General Consulates of the Russian Federation and Poland are carrying out their activity.
The turnover of foreign trade in the Lviv Region reached over 660 million USD in 2000 with the export totaled 300 million USD.
In some 98 countries from all over the world acted as Lviv Region partners in 2000. The share of the CIS and Baltic countries in the export of goods made up 40,1%. During that period, main trade partners from CIS and Baltic countries were presented by the Russian Federation, Latvia, Litva, Tajikistan, Byelorussia, Turkmenistan as well as other countries of the world such as Cyprus, Germany, Poland, Italy, Great Britain, Slovakia, and Denmark.

Structure of the Lviv Chamber of Commerce and Industry
By types of ownership:
joint property - 74%
Private property - 12%
State property - 13%
Mixed property -1%

By sphere of activity:
Mechanical engineering - 21%
Electrical engineering - 10%
Fuel and energy sector - 4%
Hotels - 5%
R & D, educational, juridicial
and insurance establishments - 9%
Woodworking and metal machining - 5%
Construction - 6%
Food industry and agriculture - 7%
Light industry - 13%
Trade - 4%
Others - 16%

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