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The Michael Voronin Concern is a leading Ukrainian company producing high quality men`s garments. Nowadays the Concern includes the following enterprises:
1. "Kiev Sewing factory " ZHELAN ", Public Corporation - industrial base of the company.
2. "Michael Voronin Vena - Paris", Joint Venture - development of new collections and models for bespoke tailoring at the "Michael Voronin Exclusive" Atelier .
3. Trade House "VORONIN-UKRAINA", Public Corporation - sales & corporate network development in Ukraine and abroad.

Basic philosophy of our company is - Quality in ideas, Quality in production , Quality in service.

KSF " ZHELAN ", Public Corporation has the most advanced equipment which includes 85% of German-made equipment; 5% of French-made equipment; 5% of Swiss-made equipment; 5% of Japanese-made equipment; self-contained power supply system; self-contained steam supply system produced by the "LOOS" company.
Productive capacity of the enterprise is 250.000 per year.
The constructive base provides production of men's wear not only in wide scale of sizes and heights, but also in six different types of width was invented. Although garments of such range aren't easy to produce, this know-how enables people of any shape and constitution to choose the correctly fitted clothes in Voronin`s stores.

Certificated system of quality control ISO 9001-2001 is introduced and applied at the factory. Annually representative institution of the system quality certification carry out audit for conformity to requirements of ISO 9001-2001 in the certification system УкрСЕПРО.

" Michael Voronin Vena - Paris " , JV was established in 1990 by famous fashion designer Michael Voronin to deal with the development of new collections and garment models for bespoke tailoring at the "Michael Voronin Exclusive" Atelier. The system of tailoring, applied at the Atelier, is based on the technologies developed by Michael Voronin. Clients can try themselves all advantages of vest-model method! Once having taken your measurements, they don't need to visit tailors anymore. Only to arrive for ready suit which - it is guaranteed! - will fir like a glove.

Large collection of fabrics - more than 300 kinds are offered to clients. At the atelier you can order suits, trousers or jackets, frock coats, tuxedos, dinner jackets, coats, wedding suits.

Public Corporation Trading House "VORONIN-UKRAINA" was established in 2001 by Mr. Voronin and associates united with love and enthusiasm to men's fashion. Combining strong experience with creativity enabled to found the company that has become soon one of the first Ukrainian companies which succeded in development of broad franchise network.
Due to work of the Trade House Concern's production is represented in 40 corporate stores throughout Ukraine. Garments branded with trade marks of the Concern "Michael Voronin" are also exported to the countries of the ex-CIS, Europe, America etc.

The main areas of Trade House "VORONIN-UKRAINA" activity are:
1. Ensuring the appropriate level of the "Michael Voronin" stores network functioning throughout Ukraine;
2. Providing integrated researches of the garments market in Ukraine, Eastern Europe and Michael Voronin corporate network;
3. Organizing advertising and promotion activities of Michael Voronin brands targeted to both internal and external markets;
4. External economic activities (import and export, orders forming)

All mentioned enterprises are open to cooperation and expansion of partnerships!

We would be pleased to carry on business together !

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