Alliance, Production Commercial Enterprise

  • Address:
    Office 54, 44 Konstytutsiyi str., c. Komsomolsk, Poltava reg., 39806, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(05348) 3-32-39, 3-37-66, 5-46-85
Director - Olexandr B. Pyatenko

Dear Sirs,
"Alliance" Haulier greets you. We have 7 years of work experience on the market of international transportations. We collaborate with a large number of Ukrainian and foreign companies. Due to long-term experience and reliability our company has a good reputation among the customers. The cars of our company will deliver cargoes from Eastern Europe in three days and from Germany and Italy - in five days. We guarantee the safety of your cargo during the transportation, which is also one of the important factors.

We always welcome new partners and will render the following services with great pleasure:
- delivering cargoes from European countries by trucks of 20 to 120 cubic meters;
- delivering of cargoes from Ukraine to European countries;
- delivering of cargoes within Ukraine by trucks of 20 to 82 cubic meters;
- transportation can be carried out by trucks with tent, isothermal, refrigerator semitrailers and containers;
- calculation of delivery costs and selection of the most economical route taking into account expenditures in the countries of the route
- we can provide cargoes for your motor transport.