Takho, Private Research and Production Firm

  • Address:
    9 Baku str., c. Kherson, 73009, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(0552) 29-18-59, 29-40-56
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Director - Valeriy V. Hodus

Scientific-production firm "TAKHO" was founded in Kherson (Ukraine) in 1993.
The idea of its foundation was prompted by nice landscapes of which our region can be proud. The Kherson Province is situated in the south of Ukraine in the Dnieper mouth near the Black Sea. The Dnieper islands and mud flats have always been inhabited with different kinds of wild animals and have always attracted the hunters.
Hunting in the seaside regions and on the Black Sea islands also provokes a great interest.

Almost all firm's workers are people with higher technical education. Doctor Valeriy Vladimirovich Khodus heads the collective.
For many years hunting has been the favourite hobby for each worker of SPF "TAKHO". Using their professional knowledge and experience in beloved work they aspire to produce high-quality hunting cartridges and constantly expand cartridges diversity. They have provided innovations that have already received patents.
We hope that our production will bring you not only the hunting trophies but also will help you to improve sporting shooting skills.

- hunting cartridges, sports cartridges, of the following calibers: 12/70, 16/70, 20/70, 410, 12/76, 20/76; shot №1-0000; case-shot;
- cartridges for gas fire-arms

Hunting Shot Cartridges "TAKHO"
Standart hunting cartridges.
Cartridges "Askaniya"
Peculiarity: absence of plastic wad-concentrator for shots load that improve the result of shooting by increasing of hitting area. Recommended for shooting any sort of the gun on 40 meters distance.
Cartridges "Patriot"
Notable for increased load of shots that provides effective shooting. Distance for shooting is 60 meters.
They have high hitting properties and are produced on imported components.
Cartridges "Olimp"
They have perfect hitting properties because of high starting speed, soft recoil of the gun while shooting and proportional distribution of shots.
Produced of imported components with using special sporting powders.
Cartridges "Skiff"
Manufacturing is based on special hunting powders, that provide high starting speed of shots.
Optimal shooting distance is 20-50 meters.
Cartridges "Double Impact"
Hunting cartridge is loaded with shots of big and small diameter in 1:1 proportion. Provides results shooting of big and small wild fowl on far and short distances.
Cartridges "Silver Line"
Hunting cartridge that is loaded with nickel-plated shots.
Cartridges "Sharp Shot"
High-speed cartridge that provides proportional distribution and high closegroaping of shots.
Hunting bullet cartridges

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