Comfort, Shop

  • Address:
    33, Engelsa str., Central Market, c. Kharkiv, 61000, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(057) 734-95-32
The Network of shops "Exhibitions - 96" brings to your attention a wide spectrum of the goods for internal furnish of premises.

Our firm has been based in 1996. Originally it was small shop in the city centre, engaged exclusively wholesale of finishing materials, such as, PVC and carpet coverings. But in due course requirements of our buyers have grown, we began to grow and expand the assortment.

For today the Network of shops "Exhibitions - 96" has 3 retail and 1 wholesale shop in the city of Kharkov, all of them are located in the central part of city, it is very convenient to reach them, and also from suburb.

We have increased assortment of our production. We work directly with factories from Belgium, Yugoslavia, Slovenia, Germany, Luxembourg, France, Holland, Netherlands and Poland. All our goods are certificated and have high quality and a guarantee of the manufacturer.

The assortment of the goods in our shops is rather various. Look:
- PVC (commercial and household)
- coverings (for a house and office)
- carpets, runners
- furniture case (the project, idea, an embodiment - ours)
- wall panels
- postforming and softforming
- varnishes, paints
- the tool (manual and electro)
- home appliances
- the sanitary technician
- wall-paper
- lusters
- mirrors
- particle boards
- and another.
In total more than 15000 names of the goods.

The highly skilled sellers work for us, ready to consult you on any question only. And the centralized delivery will facilitate to you a problem "How to bring the bought goods to itself home".

To constant clients - the discount. To the building organizations - special offers and discount cards.
So welcome in our shops.

Our addresses:

Shop "1 000 Trifles", street. University, 33
Phone +38 057 712-85-62
Business hours: Mon-Fri 9.00-18.00, Sat - 9.00-17.00, Rest. - Sun

Shop "Comfort", Central market
Phone +38 0572 23-65-32
Business hours: Tues-Sun 8.00-16.00, Rest. - Mon

Shop "Dzerelo" wholesale and retail, per. Dzerelo, 5
Business hours: Mon-Fri 9.00-18.00, Sat - 9.00-17.00, Rest. - Sun
Phone + 38 057 712-85-05, 712-69-32
Fax +38 057 715-45-49