Energouchet, Joint-Stock Company

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    1, Malopanasovska str., c. Kharkiv, 61052, Ukraine
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    +38(057) 734-98-51, 734-98-52, 734-99-16
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Director - Anatoly I. Stetsenko

Our firm was founded by a group of the enthusiasts in 1991 and hereinafter was transformed into JSC "Enrgouchet" in 1997, where have come such well known producers of the electronic devices as JSC "Tahion" etc. As the basic kinds of activity were selected development and production of microprocessor measuring devices and systems. Since 1991 more than 20 developments of the measuring devices are executed. More then 1 000 our devices work at the enterprises of Ukraine and countries of UIS succesfully, including on petrochemical productions and turnpike oil pipelines.
Now we produce such as ultrasonic flowmeters liquids - pulse-time of UVR-011 and doppler UDR-011 serially. They are registered In the State register of measuring means, allowed to application In Ukraine, including for commercial payments.

The developed and produced system are modern multifunction microprocessor devices. Element base of the leading electronic components companies as Analog Devices, Maxim, the Intel, Altera, Atmel, Phillips are used in the devices of JSC "Energouchet", and this guarantees high reliability and durability. The perennial experience of our firm allows continuously to perfect and to increase consumer and metrology capabilities of the produced devices.

We produce flowmeters in mobile variant, which one are capable to work 5.. 7 hours from built-in accumulator. These devices are irreplaceable for power audit.
Availability of certificated test base, rigid source and target monitoring of components allow to grant to the client high quality production.

We ensure guarantee (1 - 2 years) and after guarantee service of the our devices not less than 8 years. We are ready to offer the client padding service, including a rate tutorings of the attendants at the enterprise, padding the software, hot line of support and etc.

The most relevant directions of developments

Ultrasonic flowmeters of a liquid with clamp-on and cut-in sensores. They can be used for the discharge of the many possible liquids such as hot and cold water, and nbsp; drains, petroleum, petroleum, milk, oil, acid, alkalis, alcohol etc. A metering error is from 2 % up to 0,15%.

Ultrasonic flowmeters of gases may be used for different types of gases, including natural gas, steam, oxygen, argon, compressed air and etc. A metering error is from 1 % up to 0,25 %.

Ultrasonic levelmeter may be used for an on-the-fly measuring of the level of a liquid and free-flowing products stored in capacities. A metering error is from 1 % up to 0,25 %.

Flowmeters of gases is on the base of standard narrowing devices such as diaphragm, nozzle. It meter volume of gas, steam, reduced to normal conditions. Measuring algorithms are bases on the normative documents ( RD-50-213 etc.). A metering error is from 1% up to 0,25%.

Telemetry devices for the turnpike pipelines are pig detector, voltage converter of gase and oil pipelines protective potential from standard signals 4-20мА. Supervisory circuit of a wholeness of an anode cable.

Control panels for remote regulation of the valves gate with electric motors.