Volyn Agency for Regional Development

  • Address:
    of. 8, 4, Kovelska str., c. Lutsk, Volyn reg., 43000, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(0332) 72-47-61
  • Web-site:
Directror - Pavlenko Sergey


- Assistance in market reforms development.
- Practical implementation of concrete projects aimed at structural changes in the region and softening negative social consequences that may arise in the course of adaptation of the region to market economy.
- Assistance in integration of the Volyn region into European economy and culture.

Principle Activities:

- To attract the best experience in development of strategic plan and plans for local and economic development, to create or facilitate creation of territorial communities and NGOs which must work with the local government to solve the problems of survival and development;
- To cooperate with foreign Agencies for economic development and other NGOs (innovation centers, technology development bureaus, etc.) with the aim of using their experience in structural changes and territory development;
- To initiate business activity with regard to creating new jobs and new businesses;
- To assist local companies, firms, enterprises and research centers in searching for partners, investors and consumers of their products and services by conducting presentations, market surveys and advertising campaigns;
- To inform the community and individuals about the activity of the Agency through the Agency Webpage and Newsletters;
- To advertise modern technologies and products of foreign partners that might be useful for the development of production in Volyn;
- To initiate and implement projects aimed at structural changes and institutional restructuring in Volyn.