Container Transport GmbH, Representative Office

  • Address:
    27 b Artema str., appt. 16, c. Kharkiv, 61002, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(057) 714-09-92, 714-29-40, 719-40-36
Director - Serhiy Zorya
Head of Kharkiv ICT GmBH Representative Office - Volodymyr V. Shkrum

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!
ICT Kharkiv Company - a Representative Office of a world-wide known forwarding ICT company welcomes you!
ICT group was was formed in 1972 in Germany and today it is a wide net of Representative offices all over the world and in Ukraine either.
Today at the Ukrainian market of trucking services ICT Kharkiv Company offers the most acceptable prices along with European level of service.
The range of our service includes:
- providing of freight services with any kind of transport to any place of the world:
- motor transportation (the use of transport strictly corresponding to all international demands);
- air transportation;
- sea shipping, container traffic, modal transportation;
- transit by rail freightage;
- transportation of different kinds of freight, including: off-clearance load, superheavy, non-standard freight etc.
- design and transportation of exhibition expositions;
- local and international removals;
- availability of own licensed nerminal (in Kyiv);
- transport supplies according to the schedule developed by the Customer;
- availability of General Insurance.

ICT Kharkiv - is the biggest forwarding net of new type in Ukraine. Wherever You are, we are always at Your service!
Among our clients You can find:
Embassies of the USA, Canada and Norway, UNO and European Union, the Pentagon, IMF, SIEMENS, BAYER, ABB, BASF, SONY, Daimler-Benz Aerospace, Mercedes-Benz, McDonald's, Eurofoods, Delaval, British-American Tobacco, REEMTSMA, MAZDA Int., UNILEVER,MARS Co., South Foods ("Chumak" corporation), "AVK" Donetsk, "Svitoch" Lviv etc.

We hope that after acquaintance with our level of service, you will consider ICT as a reliable partner.
Remember that the wide range of our services lets You save Your time and money.