Tigres, Private enterprise

  • Address:
    25, Pobedy str., Lutsk distr., Volyn reg., 45601, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(0332) 77-36-00, (067) 471-16-95
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The Corporation Tigres is one of the largest distributors and manufacturers of plasic and soft toys as well as baby bedding and clothing in Ukraine.
Current range of plastic toys is more than 150 items. It is a wide assortment of toy cars, sand sets, building sets, puzzles, educational toys and sets of dishes. Every year our range of products is being enriched with interesting novelties.
Modern production line includes 22 injection-molding machines of a famous Austrian manufacturer "ENGEL" and blow molding machines.
Annual production volume is above 6 billion pcs.
In our toys production we use only safe raw materials, which are polypropylene and dyers of European origin.
Our products are certificated and have passed quality control tests according to European standards and are marked with the CE sign.
Tigres toys are being sold in European countries, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Belarus and the Russian Federation. We increase the share of export markets sales constantly.

The goals for 2017 are to build new production department and our own workshop for 70 injection molding machines. We plan to enter new world markets.