Termolit, Ltd.

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    23, Zindelsa str., c. Melitopol, Zaporizhzhya reg., 72316, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(0619) 42-40-12, (06192) 42-50-16
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Director - Isa Isaev

"Termolit" Ltd. specializes оn designing and manufacturing of induction crucible melting electric furnaces, heating and hardening units, thyristor frequency converters. Effective usage of production facilities and application of new technologies let the enterprise enlarge the output products range, increase production volume, reduce the prime cost and as a result the final cost of goods. At the same time the enterprise guarantees the quality verified with the certificates. Application of pollution-free materials ensures high sanitary and hygienic characteristics of our products.

At present « Termolit » Ltd. serially produces a wide range of induction heating products. These are induction melting electric furnaces of ИТПЭ type from 30 kg to 2500 kg of different capacity; induction heating and hardening units with capacity from 20 to 800 kilowatt; thyristor frequency converters from 100 to 800 kilowatt, control panes, accessories and spare parts.