TUV NORD-DIEKS, Ukrainian-German joint venture

  • Address:
    10a, Lotsmansky Descent, c. Dnipropetrovsk, 49010, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(0562) 36-87-03, 36-87-04
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General Director - Vadym Gudoshnyk

TUV NORD-DIEKS JV was founded in 2003, as based on the decision on establishing a joint venture by the German Association of Technical Inspection TUV NORD GRUPPE.

In Europe TUV NORD GRUPPE is known as one of the first inspection bodies. Established in 1869, it staffs over 4500 employees in 60 German centers and in 27 foreign countries. Its representation offices are located throughout the world, namely in Denmark, Finland, Sweden, USA, Greece, Italy, Turkey and China.

In early 90-s, after the break-up of the USSR, the Association opened a number of representative offices in Eastern Europe, namely in Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Russia. In Ukraine TUV NORD GRUPPE is represented by TUV NORD-DIEKS JV.

Technical testing and definition of the remaining service life of the equipment, namely:
- visual and optical check;
- ultrasonic thickness measurement;
- ultrasonic quality testing of welded joints and uniformity of metal structure;
- definition of mechanical properties of the metal;
- magnetic-particle testing of the metal;
- dye penetrant inspection;
- metallographic survey of the metal;
- eddy-current testing;
- magnetic testing;
- acoustic emission testing;
- definition of technical state of the equipment, occupational safety conditions and the remaining service life of the equipment.

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