Art-master, Limited Liability Company

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    25a, Kul'tyra str., c. Kharkiv, 61058, Ukraine
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    +38(057) 760-23-59
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Art-master, ltd. has been working in ukrainian IT-market more than 11 years.

The main scopes of activity of the company are;
- providing services on electronic digital signature (EDS) application. EDS is traditional hand-written signature and stamp analogue. It possess its basic properties: it certifies electronic document with electronic signature and stamp originates from the person who ratified it. ; it guarantees electronic document modification guard; it doesn't allow the person who has ratified the document to reject subsequent liability.
- providing services on information security complex system creation (ISCS). The company offers computer network unauthorized access safeguard, program and hardware guards installation, antivirus guards. Information security systems, offered by company, include user identification system development, access differentiation system development, security internet-unit creation, encryptic and technical protection system application. These systems are based on the reliable information security means, ratified by Special Telecommunications and Communications Department of Security Service of Ukraine certificates of conformity.
- providing services on vehicle monitoring and control system application (Fleet Management). Art-master, ltd. may offer You both primary means of mobile objects monitoring and monitoring or control systems, integrated to the basic customer's systems, creating protected systems with GPRS internet-traffic ciphering.
- training center service. In our training centre You can study an authorized course of Microsoft and sertification on Microsoft, Oracle, Sun microsystem, HP, Linux, IBM, CompTIA, Adobe sertification or You can also take a course on AM-SOFTsoftware products.For its 2 years existence, AM-SOFT training center has got a status of Microsoft Gold Partner with Learning Solutions Competency and a license of Ministy of education and science of Ukraine on providing of educational services, connected with getting vocational education on a level with qualification demands to the course vocational education and raising the level of one's skills.
- providing services technical and process support. We offer You professional service on stable efficiency ensuring and Your organization information and technical infrastructure development.
- Licensed software sale.

Following cooperation with us you will get the following advantages:
- information system security, reliability and fault tolerance raising
- notice of problems, ways of its removal and forestalling timely receiving
- well-qualified advice on information and technical infrastructure organization, development and usage.