Berehovo Medical College

  • Address:
    3, Mukachivska St., c. Berehove, Zakarpattya reg., 90202, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(03141) 2-33-53, 2-33-54
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History of Berehovo Medical College takes beginning in distant 1946 in the status of obstetric school which was renamed in feldsher-obstetric school in 1947. In 1954 the school was reorganized into medical school with medical assistant, obstetric and nurse separations. In 1993 because of features of national composition of Zakarpattya Region, the group of medical assistants with Hungarian language of instruction was opened. In 2000 they opened new separation «Pharmacia». In 2005 it was opened the separation of post-graduate study of low-grade medical and pharmaceutical specialists. Same year Berehovo Medical School was reorganized into Berehovo Medical College.
For its training activity Berehovo Medical College prepared many highly skilled specialists representing it deservedly not only in Ukraine, but also abroad. Among them there is Member of Academy Ivan Logay headed Institute of Ophthalmology named after Filatov for a long time, Corresponding Member of Academy of Science of Ukraine Omelyan Mykhaylenko, Professor Petro Sheremet, associate professors Antonina Antonenko and Vasyl Petakh. 22 years in succession Vasyl Lyakh headed the regional therapeutic service. On the whole for its existence Berehovo Medical College set up more than 8000 graduating students in life.
The establishment carries out educational activity on preparation of junior specialists by following directions: «Nurse Business», «Medical Business», «Obstetric Business», «Pharmacia», improvement of junior medical and pharmaceutical specialists.
23 years in succession Berehovo Medical College is headed by Magdalyna V. Plyska. The educational process in the college is provided in 10 laboratories and 22 studies. All of them have the proper methodical providing, aesthetically beautifully designed, equipped with necessary technical facilities for training. The educational process in Berehovo Medical College is ensured by high-professional teaching staff.
Main task of the establishment is preparation of highly skilled medical specialists capable to creatively think, constantly being in scientific search and aiming to be useful for people.

Berehovo Medical College invites to cooperation all, who aims to get medical education at high professional level and those, to whom is not indifferent state of education of Ukraine, who aims to make significant contribution to its development.