Fincom group of companies

  • Address:
    120, Estonska st. , c. Kyiv, 03062, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(044) 593-33-93
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The group of companies "Fincom" is created at the beginning of 2005 by the highly skilled experts working in the share market of Ukraine from the moment of its initiation. Now "Fincom" is high-grade and full-fledged financial investment holding structure which consists of:
- Company of asset management of institutional invest Ltd "Fincom Asset Management".
- Financial company is a manager of Funds of building financing and Funds of Real Estate activities: Ltd "Financial company "Vlasny Dim".
- Company - Trader and Safe-Keeper of securities: Ltd "Fincom Capital".
- Development companies: Ltd "Fincomstroi".
- Commodity exchange "Fincom"
- Legal company