PROFIT-CONSUL The law firm

  • Address:
    172, Antonovycha str. , c. Kyiv, 03150, Ukraine
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    +38(044) 220-05-70, 220-09-70
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Director - Yuriy Shkromida

The law firm “PROFIT-CONSUL” is created by a team of law professionals who have made a good showing in all the fields of law practice.

In our activity we use the unique experience, which we have gained while solving a big amount of concrete law tasks. The list of the law services is continuously increasing, gets corrected and widened following needs of our clients and the modern legislation.

The synthesis of knowledge and experience of the specialists of “PROFIT-CONSUL” in various law fields allows developing unique schemes for solving law questions and tasks of the clients. Availability of permanent highly qualified partners in adjacent fields of the activity gives possibility to solve law service questions of any complexity in shortest terms and with optimal financial costs.

Using a deep analysis of the law enforcement practice in real estate, representation in court, corporate law, taxation, project consulting – all of this and a lot of other is offered by the Law firm “PROFIT-CONSUL” to our clients.