Galinterpidyom private production and trading company

  • Address:
    12/40, Kolomyiska str., c. Lviv, 79049, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(032) 222-72-32, 290-18-51, (067) 670-72-51
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Ukrainian private production and trading company «Galinterpidyom» is interested in establishing contacts with foreign companies, investors, interested in organizing commodity production in Ukraine.
In order to organize your business in Ukraine we suggest that you get acquainted with industrial real estate objects.
We offer a production and warehousing complex for sale.
The complex includes:
1. Land ground – 7563.00 square metres.
2. Total area of production and warehousing premises amounts to 2800.0 square metres.
3. The complex (buildings and land ground) constitutes private property, it is completely fenced in, provided with convenient accessways, utilities, water, sewerage, electrical power, gas, telephone.
On the territory of the complex there is an opportunity for holding reconstruction in order to enlarge production areas and build new production areas.
Convenient location: Ukraine, Lviv region, the town of Yavoriv, (50 km from the city of Lviv , 15 km from the border with Poland, 1.0 km from international highway Lviv – Krakivets.

located in the free economic zone Yavoriv. According to Ukrainian law free economic zone Yavoriv provides the investor preference for business and tax benefits. Many foreign companies from Poland, Austria, Germany, Korea opened its factory in the town of sycamore and successfully conduct their business in the territory of Ukraine.