Institute for Information Recording (IIR)

  • Address:
    2 Shpaka str., c. Kyiv, 03113, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(044) 456-33-18, 456-83-89
  • Web-site:   
Director - Vyacheslav V. Petrov, Phone (044) 446-83-89

The Institute carries out scientific research in the followinbg directions:
- physical background, principles, methods and systems of optical information recording;
- theoretical background and applied methods for creation of computer information-analytical systems; research and development of information protection methods in computer systems and networks; creation of expert decision-making support systems;
- development of methods and creation of a system of computer networks for data banks, databases and knowledge bases, computer information mass propagation systems;
- creation of systems for sound and images reproduction from rarity information carriers; creation of information recording systems using nondestructive and tomography methods.

The Institute has developed and implemented:
- unique system of computer information mass broadcasting over TV broadcasting channels – “Vse-Vsim” (Everything to Everybody) electronic computer newspaper which has no analogues in the world and is acknowledged by the Derzhpatent of Ukraine as the best invention in 1993;
- technological stand of the Government information-analytical system for emergency issues;
- original optical digital method and precision equipment for re-recording the Edison phonograph cylinders allowing to reproduce the sound by using a laser interferometer with no damage to the cylinders;
- patent-covered technologies and equipment for manufacture of optical master disks and galvanic stampers for CD stamping;
- theoretical principles of designing expert systems for diagnostics of biological objects and technical systems.