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    8, Nezalegnosty str., c. Talne, Cherkasy reg., 20400, Ukraine
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    +38(04731) 3-19-45, (098) 724-24-24
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"UKRAINIAN FLOUR MILLING COMPANY" offers flour of premium quality of the highest and first grades, and flour which is vitaminized and enriched with a mineral complex, as well as fortified flour. In the countries of destination products are supplied under the patented trademark "Royal Flour", or under the brand of the customer. Packing is carried out in the retail containers of 2 kg, 5 kg, and transport containers of 25 kg, 50 kg. UKRAINIAN FLOUR MILLING COMPANY is: Qualified Products Effective observance of terms and procedures, guarantees and words of the entrepreneur. Choose high-quality and organic Ukrainian products! Choose UKRAINIAN FLOUR MILLING COMPANY, a leader on the Ukrainian flour market!