Burshtyn Ukraine, State Enterprise

  • Address:
    94 Kyivska str., c. Rivne, 33027, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(0362) 62-06-45, 62-06-71
  • Web-site:
Sphere of business:
- extracting of raw amber of high quality with many colours;
- jewelry articles of high quality made of amber and wood, amber and leather;
- brooches, car-rings, beads, bracclets, medallions, pendants, rings, loose cabochons, necklaces, rosaries, trinkets, and other things of high quality;
- decoration, incrustation of boxes, pictures;
- processing of amber without wastes in medical and beauty prepares;
- thermo treatment, lighting, pressing of amber;
- cutting, polishing of amber;

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