Prolisok, Sanatorium

  • Address:
    10 Proliskova str., c. Morshyn, Striy distr., Lviv reg., 82482, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(03260) 6-10-50, 6-10-51, 6-10-65, (096) 190-73-55
  • Web-site:   
Chief Doctor - Petro Babkevich (+380 3260) 6-10-50

Chief Accountant, (+380 3260) 6-10-60
Sale of Accommodation Permits: (+380 3260) 6-10-55

Morshin, one of the most popular Ukrainian health resorts, is situated 80 km away from the ancient Ukrainian city of Lviv. It is famous for it's unique mineral waters, which are successfully used for treating irregularities in metabolism, liver gallbladder, pancreas, gastric disases, as well as attending heart and vascular failuree, nervous disorders, metabolic disease.

The main medicinal factors are: chloride-sulphate, natrium-magnesium and sulphate-chloride natrium-magnesium-kale brines as well as chloride-natrium mineral water. Pilute spa waters are taken in and used for baths. Osocerite is also used for purpose to cure.
In the green zone of the Morshyn spa a specialised healht resort (it's territory is 7 hectares ) for treating children from 4 to 16 years of age and their parents, who suffer from abdominal diseases is situated. It is called Prolisok.

Term of staying at a place is 24, 16, and 12 days.

The principal treatment factors: chloride-sulphate, sodium-magnesium and sulphate-chloride, sodium-magnesium-calcium brines, chloride-sodium mineral water which are used diluted for drinking and bath taking. For treatment procedures peat mud and ozokerite are used.
The sanatorium is a complex, which includes sleeping gremises for 454 persons,diagnostic and curative base, mineral waters buvet, a dining-room, a club, a library, classrooms and play-rooms.

The diagnostic and curative base is provided with modern medical equipment.
In the sanatorium the following methods of treating are available: hydropathy (mineral and pine-needles bathes, pearls bathes, micro-enemas, electropathy, therapy exercises, massage, phytotherapy, psychotherapy, hydrotherapy, magnetic and lazer treatment, inhalation, reflexotherapy and dietary nourishment.

There are such diagnostic consulting-rooms: function-diagnostics, X-ray photography room, phibrio-gastro-scopy room, ultra-sound room, dentist room, clinical and biochemical laboratories, proctologist room, gynaecological.

The patients live in two-bed rooms with all modern conveniences, and also are luxes. Meals are organised in one shift with all required dietes according to the sanatorium profile, menu order is also available.

On the territory of sanatorium are sports and playing children grounds, lake with beach and zone of rest.
The patients can enjoy club with cinema, hire station, boat station, dentist room, international phone station, kafe.

Consultations for pupils on mathematics, physics, Ukrainian and other foreign languages.

The tourist agency invites to make excursions to Lviv, Uzhgorod, Ivano-Frankivsk, Truskavets, Yaremcha, Vorohta, Slavsk, as well as places, of interest in the Carpathians and the Precarpathian region.

It is best to get to the sanatorium these ways:
by train or aeroplane to Lviv, then bus or by electro-train to Morshyn, by train to Striy (Moscow - Budapesht, Kiev - Uzhgorod, Harkiv - Uzhgorod ) Lviv's railway station, then by bus or by electro-train, taxi to Morshin.

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