Illichivsk Sea Commercial Port

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    6 Truda sq., c. Illichivsk, Odesa reg., 68001, Ukraine
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    +38(04868) 9-37-64, 9-38-06, 9-42-99
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The Port of Illichivsk is situated on the coastline of Sukhoi Liman in 12 miles south-east of Odessa. Convenient approaches, inner and outer roads allow the port to be accessed by any supership up to 13 meters in draft and over 100 ths. tons in tonnage in the day-time or night-time throughout a year without any terminated navigation in winter. In case of ice conditions harbour pilotage is carried out by its own facilities.
Cargo-handling facilities of the port consisting of 28 piers 5500 meters long in total are fitted with up-to-date cargo handling equipment including 5 to 40 t gantry cranes, 45 t container handling cranes, 1.5 to 32 t fork lift trucks, terminal haulage trucks and 5 to 50 t truck cranes.
The port uses auxiliary craft that includes tugboats, floating cranes of lifting capacity up to 300 t, bunkering tankers, floating grain loader, pilot boats, lighters, oil and garbage collecting boats and other crafts.
The port is capable to handle up to 20 million tons of cargo annually among which are various metal products, containers, piece and crated goods, heavy-weight equipment, fertilizers, grain in bulk, vegetable oils and technical liquids in bulk.
The port is provided with a sufficient number of open storage area over 800 ths. sq. m in total and warehouses of total useful area over 50 ths. sq. m.
All port berths and jetties are provided with railway tracks up to 10 lines running deep to the port area and giving possibility to achieve wagon turnover over 700 wagons per day.
The port disposes of considerable reserves on existing capacities and has every possibility for further development. Thus, construction of new capacities is planned now, namely: oil extracting plant, cement and gas complexes. The port is always ready to consider any proposals from the investors to extend its capacities.
The port disposes of a specialized cargo facility for the transshipment of rail wagons that are carried from Illichivsk to Varna, Poti, Batumi and back by ferries which can carry 108 wagons each; this facility also services Ro-Ro lines Illichivsk - ports of Turkey and Illichivsk - ports of Georgia used for carriage of heavy-weight TIR trucks.
Capacities of ferry line provide for considerable extension and operation of Euro-Asian transport corridor Europe-Ukraine (Illichivsk)-Georgia in direct and reverse directions with transshipment of any cargoes including that by wagons and trucks.
Now underway is large-scale work on updating, reconstruction and extension of port capacities. This, in particular, includes the construction of new container terminal capable to handle up to 300,000 containers annually, construction of the 2nd stage of existing grain cargo transshipment facility designed to handle up to 2.5 million tons annually, construction of modern ecologically clean cement handling facility and reconstruction of bulk oil terminal. Construction of fertilizer (potassium salt) handling facility of 1.5 million t/year is already completed, liquid chemical cargo handling complex and other facilities are under construction.
In general 15 large projects are planned to carry out in the nearest future, the total cost of which is over 110 mln. U.S. dollars, 80 mln. U.S. dollars is supposed to provide by foreign investments of different companies cooperating with the port.
Terminal capacities, high professionalism and experience of port workers and developed infrastructure " allow giving comprehensive up-to-date services to the clients. The port offers wide scope of services on transshipment, storage, preparation and shipment of various goods, forwarding services, carriage of containers within Ukraine, to European and CIS countries by heavy-weight trucks "Volvo". A wide system of agent and forwarding companies cooperating with the port in servicing ships and shipowners functions close to the port and in its territory.

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