Donetskkoks, Public Joint-Stock Company

  • Address:
    1 Zarichna str., c. Donetsk, 83086, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(062) 387-30-70, 387-32-68
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Chairman of the Board - A. Shabanov

The company is located in three central districts of the city of Donetsk and consists of 3 sections: Rutchenkivsky, Smolianynovsky and Donetsk ones.

History of the plant started in 1869 when “New-Russian Association of coal, railway and rail manufacture” began construction of the metallurgical production complex (Donetsk Iron and Steel Plant).

In 1898 Rutchenkivsky coke oven and by-product plant was commissioned and in 1912 Smolianynovsky coke oven and by-product plant was put into operation.

In 1970 Donetsk, Rutchenkivsky, and Smolianynovsky plants were combined into Donetsk coke oven and by-product plant.

On 11 December 1995 OJSC “Donetskkoks” was registered on the basis of the plant.

The aim of activity of the Open Joint-Stock Company Donetskkoks
OJSC “Donetskkoks” was created for receiving of the profit and realization of the economical and social interests of stockholders as well as material and social interests of the labour group members, by the way of the using of the estate and the stockholder means in the process of the their joint activity. Application of the achievements of science to production, the forms of the organization and labour payment, the attraction of the home and foreign investment for satisfaction of the market by the labour and the services of Company.

Profile of the Company activity.
- production of the coke - chemistry outputs;
- production and realization of others outputs of the industrial-technical purpose;
- repair and making house-building , objects of the life condition, social and cultural fixing;
- assignment of the life condition services to population and legal person rights;
- intermediary and trade purchase activity;
- production and realization of the consumer goods;
- satisfaction of the social interests of the stock-holders;
- production and realization of the farm produce;
- assignment of the public catering services;
- assignment of the information and others kinds of services both in Ukraine and in the outside of the Ukraine;
- realization of the road haulage and place of the motor transport to population, others enterprises, establishments, organizations.
- foreign economical activity in accordance to the low in force of on Ukraine;
- carrying out of the scientific - research design project works together with others research and designing organizations or with out assistance.
- carrying out of others business activity which correspond to laws in force on the Ukraine.

The main sections, not having legal person rights are included into the scope of Donetsk coke oven and be-product plant:
1. Donetsk coke oven and by-product plant.
2. Smolianynovsky coke oven and by-product plant.
3. Coal handling plant.
4. Coke oven plant.
5. By-product recovery plant.
6. Plant for purification of coke oven gas from H2S hydrogen sulphide.
7. Railway plant
8. Repair mechanical shop
9. Repair building shop.
10. Steam-water supply shop.
11. Capital construction board.
12. Railways transport shop.
13. Housing maintenance department.
14. Communication service.
15. Electric power shop.
16. Automation and metrology laboratory.
17. Central plant laboratory.
18. Inspection quality control department.
19. Guards
20. Household service
21. Food shop
22. Sport-recreation complex
23. Territory organization section
24. Children s health camp
25. Relaxation center.

The main products of the plant are as follows:
1. Blast furnace coke (+25mm).
2. Foundry coke (+60mm, 40-60mm).
3. Coke nut (10-25mm).
4. Coke breeze (0-10mm)
5. Coke oven gas.
6. Coal tar.
7. Crude benzol.
8. Ammonium sulphate.
9. Ammonium water.
10. Ammonium sulphide.
11. Sodium phenol
12. Consumer goods (wings and borders to VAZ car, paints and lacquers, goods from cast iron foundry)
13. Other products.

The company invites foreign partners to take part in the implementation of its investment project “Reconstruction of coke oven battery #4”. The cost of the project is UAH 40 million.

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