Kyiv-Atlantic Ukraine, Private Join Stock Company

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    office 12-13, 15 Patrisa Lumumby str., c. Kyiv, 01042, Ukraine
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General Director and Chairman of the Board - Mr. David D. Sweere

Joint Stock Company with foreign investments "Kyiv-Atlantic Ukraine" was founded in Ukraine in 1994. The primary goals of the Company are gaining profits for its shareholders by establishing and operating Agricultural Centers and providing services to Ukrainian agricultural producers for the production of high-quality plants and animals, storage and processing of raw materials, supply with agricultural equipment and other inputs for farming, compound feed and feed concentrate manufacturing, marketing and trade operations in and outside of Ukraine.

The shareholders of JSC "Kyiv-Atlantic Ukrane" are companies and corporations from the USA, Germany, France, as well as the European Bank of Reconstructiion and Development (EBRD) and Ukrainian agricultural enterprises.

In 1995 the JSC "Kyiv-Atlantic Ukrane" (abbreviation - KAU) started construction of the Integrated Agricultural Center for supply, services and processing (IAC) in Myronivka, Kyiv Oblast located 100 kilometers south of Kyiv. The Center consists of:
- the grain elevator of 50 000 tons capacity and yearly carrying capacity of 200 000 tons of grain-crops with grain dryer and cleaner, laboratories, railspurs, locomotive, grain-trucks, rail and truck scales ets.;
- the vegetable oil plant of 50 000 tons of oil / protein capacity per year;
- the compound feed plant of 65 000 tons per year capacity;
- service and supply division (farm equipment, seeds, fertilizers, crop protection chemicals, fuel ).

In August 1997 the Integrated Agricultural Center was put into operation and on its basis the KAU Subsidiary, having its own bank account and balance, was established. General amount of foreign investments for the Center design, construction and launching is 20 million USD. The local community obtained 150 jobs granting high and secured payments. The settlements with the budget are made timely and in full.

Today the IAC is the first private elevator in Ukraine equipped with advanced Western technologies and modern machinery providing high quality and reliability jf the grain storage.
Our elevator pledge: paying the highest price for commodities, payment in full upon delivery to the elevator and treatment of a customer the way we want to be treated.
We offer following types of services and secure the fulfilment of such types of contracts:
a) cash purchase at your farm or delivered to the Center;
b) barter for inputs with guaranteed prompt delivery;
c) full elevator services - drying, storage, marketing with representation of customers' interests at the Agricultural Commodity Exchange.

Operational technological plant for vegetable oil pressing is furnished with the equipment of American and Dutch origin providing 95% oil extraction. Its output is only ecologically pure products without use of any artificial ingridients or chemical catalysts. We are also working on basis of toll-processing contracts for manufacturing oil and cake further used for production of feed concentrates and compound feed.

Now KAU operational capacities iare used to produce protein balanced compound feed and concentrate for the needs of cattle, pig, poultry and fish farming under registered in Ukraine trade mark "Multigain", provided to KAU on exclusive basis by its owner - the "Atlantic Farms" Subsidiary. The basic protein component of "Multigain" concentrates and compound feed is soya beans - the best of naturally available and easily assimilable protein source in the feed formula with the lowest cost. The "Multigain" does not contain any hormones or artifitial growth stimulants and by the quality indices was called the best produced in Eastern Europe.

For instance, using "Multigain" some farms of Kyiv region, including IAC KAU in Myronivka, have reached weight gains in pigs up to 1 kg per day (100 kg in 5-6 months) and distributed dressed pork through Kyiv supermarket network; Gavrylivska, Morozivska and other poultry factories have made their production more competitive; the Farm "Land & Freedom" farm in Chernigiv Region was able to increase the milk yeild from 7 to 20 liters a day per cow.

We will custom manufacture balanced base mix to match your own cereals to dramatically improve your dairy, swine, bull or poultry production. We are ready to produce granulated "Multigain" by your individual order in bags or bulk and deliver it to your feed mill or to the farm. In order to encourage private homestand animal husbandry and poultry production "Multigain" is now for sale in "Maxi" and "EuroMart" supermarkets packed in 5 ans 10 kilogramm bags. Besides, the production of KAU's swine farm leased in Myronivka is regularly delivering the high quality pork products to retailers in Kyiv - "Billa", "Maxi" and "EuroMart" supermarkets and to meat-packing factories.

Having accumulated good experience of export/import operations with the USA, Germany, Poland, Baltic States and other countries, KAU offers wide range of services also to foreign farms and companies interested in processing of any agricultural products at IAC KAU facilieties and buying protein-balanced compound feed.

For farmers and agricultural producers barter inputs are avalable: High quality seeds & crop protection chemicals; Fertilizer of all types; Fuel and lubricant products; Farm equipment sales and service.

All sale/purchase transactions, including feed concentrate and compound feed manufacturing, as well as orders for toll-processing of oil-seeds are to be performed at KAU Central Office in Kyiv or IAC in Myronivka.

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