Elastic, State Scientific and Research Institute

  • Address:
    5 Prazka str., c. Kyiv, 02090, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(044) 292-02-48, 292-51-23, 292-72-68, 552-51-23
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Director - Andriy P. Pidnebesnyi, Tel.: (+380 44) 552-51-23

Main types of activity:
1.Development of medical and asbestos rubber technical production.
2. Development of silicon organic polymers, including syloxanic caoutchouc, rubber and goods from it.
3. Development of gas fillers materials and heating protection clothes and rescue facilities for work above water and under water.
4.Projecting of chlorine objects and objects for manufacturing of plant protection facilities at the enterprises of Ukraine.

Main kids of production and services:
1.Rubber mixers of oil petrol proof, vacuum, electric wiring, food and medical usage.
2.Syloxanic rubbers and forms and non-forms goods from it.
3.Hydro suits.
4.Glues, compounds and hermetics.
5.Gas filler composition material.
6.Monolithic and gas fillers sealing machines.