Zakarpatinterport, Open Joint-Stock Company

  • Address:
    95, Bereg str., c. Chop, Zakarpattya reg., 89500, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(0312) 42-42-05, 42-42-07, 42-42-22
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Chairman of the Board - Sergiy F. Kharuta

he list of services of Logistic Center JSC"Zakarpatinterport":

1. Transloading of cargoes from European wagons into CIS wagons.
2. Transloading of heavy-weighted containers.
3. Transloading of bulk cargoes, including grains.
4. Sealing of wagons at frontier stations
5. Working out and coordination of fixation schemes for cargoes not stipulated in techical specifications of loading and cargo fixation.
6. Cargo weighing both on the gauge 1435 mm and on the gauge 1520 mm using own electromechanical balances to within 20 kg;
7. Transloading of heavy-weighted, long and over-sized cargoes
8. Operation on a warehouse (open area and closed warehouse)
9. Customs-broker services
10. Support and cargo protection.
11. Palletizing of cargo.
12. Making photos on condition of cargo in wagons with further sending on e-mail.
13. Information on transloading and departure of cargo.
14. Services on ecological, quarantine, customs and veterinary control
15. Organization of international intermodal transportations on competitive through tariffs;
16. Implementing of effective logistic technology "just in time " into transportation process;
17. Search of the most optimal route of transportation and delivery of cargoes " from door to door ";
18. Optimum selection of the rolling-stock for transportation of concrete kinds of cargoes;
19. Shipment information (aviso) and monitoring during all the transportation;
20. Support and cargo protection;
21. Information and consulting services;
22. Accommodation on free territories of new highly technological manufactures on producing the competitive production

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