Chernomorsky Shipbuilding Yard Plant, Public Joint-Stock Company

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    1 Industrialyna str., c. Mykolayiv, 54011, Ukraine
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    +38(0512) 47-75-52
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Ships and vessels of different types, icluding tankers, trawlers, ocean towing vessels, low tonnage vessels; ship machinnery and equipment, electric equipment, furniture, consumer goods.

SHC "Chernomorsky Shipbuilding Yard" is one of the biggest enterprises of the shipbuilding industry in Ukraine and Europe.
The enterprise has great production capacities - shipyard, machinery construction, metallurgical, and production stand enterprises - insure the fulfillment of orders not only of the ship owners, but also of various brunches of industry for production of different kinds of complecated technical products. The modern metal cutting and welding technologies, the introduction of the complex automatic lines, the reconstruction of slipways, powerful crane equipment, the construction of buildings with super blocks, modulus construction of rooms, the whole control of quality assist to the high competitiveness. For the moment the enterprise is fulfilling the order for the construction of the food transporting tankers with dead weight of 45 thousand tons according to the international standards demands. Five enterprises, which are the members of the holding "Chernomorskiy Shipbuilding Yard" manufactures wide range of products, including: low tonnage vessels (trawlers) up to 5000 tons, ship machinnery and equipment, electric equipment, furniture, consumer goods.

At the present time the company incorporates the following subsidiaries, open joint-stock companies, in which the company owns 51% of the stock:
- OJSC "Shipbuilding Yard "Merydian";
- OJSC "Chernomorsky Machine-Building Plant"
- OJSC "Painting and Insualtion Manufacturing Plamt "Rayduga";
- OJSC "Chernomorsky Furniture Factory "ChornomorMebli"
- OJSC "Construction Department "ChornomorBudService"

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