Energostal Ukrainian research & technology center of metallurgy industry State Enterprise

  • Address:
    9 Nauky ave., c. Kharkiv, 61166, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(057) 702-17-31, 702-17-32, 758-07-50, 758-07-98
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General Director - Stalinsky D.

Ukrainian State Scientific and Engineering Center for technology and equipment, metals working, environmental protection and secondary resources utilization for metallurgy and machine-building “Energostal” is one of the leaders in Ukraine and CIS countries in the field of engineering of industrial objects under construction, reconstruction and modernization of operating enterprises of mining-&-metallurgical complex, machine-building and other industries; setting-up of new productions, technologies and processes; industrial ecology, energy-saving, cooling of metallurgical units, utilization of secondary resources, metal products finishing, industrial and household wastes recycling, implementation of Kyoto Protocol Principles at mining-&-metallurgical enterprises.

The Center executes all the works in complex - beginning from scientific research, development of technologies, engineering, manufacturing of equipment and delivery to the Customer "on a turn-key".

The basic activities of the Center:
- Complex designing of industrial enterprises
- Researches in the field of metallurgical technologies, industrial ecology, recourse- and energy-saving
- Set-up of new and reconstruction of the operating industrial enterprises: complex engineering - delivery and mastering of equipment
- Engineering developments recourse- and energy-saving air and water protection neutralizations and recycling of wastes
- Tests and measurements
- Environmental monitoring
- Implementation of Kyoto Protocol Principles at the enterprises of mining-metallurgical complex of Ukraine