EnergoProgress, Kharkiv Central Design Bureau on Creation, Modernization and Reconstruction of Heat-Mechanic Equipment for Power Plants, Affiliate of Kotloturboprom, Ltd

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Director - Moisey Levin

The Kharkov Central Design Office was founded in 1956 and up to 1992 operated as the Kharkov subsidiary of Central Design Office, the Head organisation on a number of projects in the Ministry for power engineering of the USSR.

Since 1992 the KhCDO, being a structural department of the Ministry for power engineering and then that of the Ministry for fuel power engineering carried out works on equipment renovation for TPPs and combined heat power plants in Ukraine, CIS countries and foreign countries as well. In 2002 "Energoprogress" KhCDO was affiliated to "KotloTurboProm" Ltd.

The company specialises in engineering for main and auxiliary boiler-turbine equipment for TPPs and for hot-water and steam mains. Considering the positive experience in power engineering, by the decision of the State committee on supervision for labour protection, the office was appointed as the head specialised organisation in Ukraine on designing, reconstruction, modernisation, surveying of maintainability and insertability of boilers with evaporative capacity more than 2.5 tons per hour and water-heaters with production capacities more than 10 mW, and containers under pressure as well. In compliance with inter-governmental agreements that decision covers all CIS countries.

The KhCDO has state license for design development, engineering designing and functions of general developer and contractor on TPP mechanical annex.

1. Complex engineering trends on TPP mechanical annex:
- engineering solutions aimed at increase of electric and heat power, reduction of fuel rate consumed for their production; enhancement of power-supply system for consumers due to advanced progressive developments on boiler-turbine facilities; optimisation of PPs flow diagrams taking into account required heat and electric load and increase of power generation;

- engineering servicing when carrying out scheduled maintenance, fatigue removal of boiler-turbine units aimed at improvement of their technical and economic indices (increase of economy, reliability, maintainability, etc) due to re-equipment with advanced facilities;

- TPPs improvement by application of special reconstructive procedures, including shifting power generating units to binary cycle of power generation;

- development of normative-technical documentation on exploitation, maintenance, designing of equipment.

2. Engineering on boiling facilities:
- improvement of the existing and designing new boilers consuming solid, liquid and gaseous fuel, including those consuming waste energy resources (blast-furnace and coke-oven gas, gas synthesis, seed husk, etc);

- developing and applying advanced technologies of burning solid fuel, including low-grade and low-reaction fuel in circulating boiling layer under USA patent, in arc fire-chambers with dry slag-disposal, etc.

- shifting steam boilers to reduced parameters of steam and to water-heating operation mode;

- designing and applying up-to-date oil-gas and coal-dust burners and their installation for operating and new boilers to increase economical indices and improve environmental safety characteristics;

- application of staged combustion of gas, mazute and high-reaction coal by furnace modes in the existing boilers to reduce discharging of nitric oxide without use of nitrogen-refining units;

- engineering on TPPs with up-to-date electric filters jointly with "Hamon Rotemule Kottrel GmbH" (Germany);
· optimisation of dust-preparing schemes for boiling units and improvement of dust-preparation facilities (coal-pulverizing mills, separators, cyclone separators, etc.)

3. Engineering on turbine equipment:
- Modernisation of turbine equipment of TPPs aimed at extending life-time, economy and reliability increase, increase of overhaul period;

- Developing projects on shifting condensing turbines to heat-extraction mode and increase of turbine heat rating with steam take-off;

- assessment of energy equipment longevity, assessment of remaining life, substantiation of its prolongation;

- development of projects for removing outdate main pipelines

In 1999-2001 the Kharkov Central Design Office developed and carried out a number of projects, namely:
- assemblage of a designed gasproof boiler (500 tons per hour), designed for heat and power plant №20 of MosEnergo (Moscow) instead of an outdate dismantled boiler performed for 420 tons per hour. The project was carried out with preservation of construction infrastructure (boiler basement and auxiliary equipment) and partially of boiler metal framework;

- renovation of heat and power plant of the "Zaporozhie aluminium production complex" with replacing the dismantled Walter boiler (50 t/hr) by an up-to-date economical and environment-friendly one (75 t/hr). The installed boiler is located in the existing place, preserving basement and other elements of construction part of the boiler department (assemblage stage);

- shift of boilers of TP-85 of the Rubezhnoe heating plant to increased steam parameters aimed at using obsolete existing generating capacities for reliable heat supply (Rubezhnoe);

- renovation of the turbines CVK-150 at the Cherepets HPP, resonstruction of heat network, author supervising;

- restoring turbine rotor AK-25-1 at "Azovstal" Metallurgic production complex, OJSC, and turbine start after restoring;

- restoring operability of turbine of AP-25 "English-Electric" for heat and power plant of "Azovstal" Metallurgic production complex, OJSC, author supervising during integration in 2002.

As the general designer the Kharkov Central Design Office carried out the following projects in 1999-2001:
- designing a turbine P-24-7,5 at the Kharkov heat and power plant №3 and its construction along with author supervising. Designing certain units (front support, barring gear, etc.) and supplying componentry for the turbine unit was carried out by "Turboatom" OJSC;

- engineering on Ukrainian supplies for a boiling unit and electric filter, and turbine unit manifolding for the pilot project for renovating power unit № 8 of the Zmiev TPP (with application of advanced technology and furnace unit by "Chernobyl NPP substitution" Consortium of German firms and a turbine improved by "Siemens" and "Turboatom" OJSC). Supplies (2.5 thousand tons) according to engineering of KhCDO were carried out by "Kotloturboprom" Ltd., with production at the Kharkov boiler-mechanical works.

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