Kharkiv Directorate of Ukrposhta, Ukrainian Post State Enterprise

  • Address:
    2 Pryvokzalna sq., c. Kharkiv, 61052, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(057) 712-02-67, 712-15-61, 712-46-43
Post Office 848 for Kharkiv and the Kharkiv Region provides all types of postal services, including:
- post and delivery of written correspondence by registered mail, mail with statement of value and ordinary mail;
- post of postcards, by both registered and ordinary mail;
- post and delivery of postal money orders;
- post and delivery of printed matter as registerd postal packets, ordinary book-posts and book-posts with statement of value;
- sent of parcels;
- electronic and cable tranfers;
- electronic and cable tranfers within Ukraine;
- Express delivery services;
- subscription for regional, republican, CIS and foreign periodicals;
- reception of payments on utility bills and other payments from private individuals;
- reception of receipts from trade from legal entities, establishemnts and companies;
- sale of regional and state held lotteries;
- facsimile posting;
- copy services;
- e-mail service within Ukraine;
- delivery of bills, notifications, subscriber's books from companies to the post box of Kharkiv City and the Kharkiv Region residents;
- insuring against all types of risks;
- trade in phone chip cards for cellular phones, pay phones and others;
- reception of advertisements and private greetings to be placed in mass media;
- placement of advertisement posters, booklets in the post offices;
- distribution of promotional material in the Kharkiv Region and within Ukraine;
- photo services by mail (film development and photo printing), photo supplies service by mail;
- cargo storage;
- "Books by mail", "Knowledge by mail", "Manuels by mail" delivery sevice;
- "Spectacles by mail", "Seeds by mail", "Medicines by mail" delivery service within the Kharkiv Region;
- trade in post stamps, envelopes, newspapers, magazines, postcards, stationery and consumer goods;
- door-to-door delivery service - delivery of any type of correspondence and cargoes within the Kharkiv Region and the City of Kharkiv;
- Kharkiv Post Office of the State Post Office of Ukraine seeks partners to provide "Goods by mail" services to the population.

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