UkrspetsWagon, Ukranian State Center for Exploitation of Special-Purpose Railcars

  • Address:
    5, Zavodska str., c. Panyutyne, Lozova distr., Kharkiv reg., 64660, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(05745) 7-82-00, 7-82-36, 7-82-62
The State Enterprise "Ukrainian State Centre on Operation of Specialized Cars" (SE "UkrspetsWagon") was established in October, 1995 on the base of the Panyutin Car-Repair Works - one of the oldest Ukrainian enterprises (founded in December, 1869). Presently the enterprise is a member of the Ukrzaliznyutsya.

Main directions of centre activity are the following
- capital, overhaul repair and depot servicing of freight cars;
- operation and maintenance of specialized cars;
- repair and forming of wheel pairs;
- manufacture of spare parts for the railway transport;
- providing with transport and forwarding services during transportation of export-import, transit and other freights;
- manufacture of building units and materials.

The center owns a great manufacturing capacity which allows to repair almost 6500 freight cars a year.

Priority direction of centre activity is operation of specialized rolling stock.

On the 1st of August 2005 the enterprise owns the following rolling-stock:
Hoppers for mineral fertilizers transportation - 5310
Tank cars for dark - oil products transportation - 378
Hoppers for gain transportation - 300
Tank - thermoses for wine materials transportation - 195
Hoppers for cement transportation - 161
Hoppers for bulk cargo transportation - 71
Platform shed for cars transportation - 36
Cars for hot pallets and agglomerate transportation - 32
Petroleum tanks - 7
Escort cars - 7
Soda tanks - 4
Acid tanks - 3

More than 200 enterprises, located in more than ten neighbouring and foreign countries, are the partners of SE "UkrspetsWagon".

For reduction of time of rolling-stock (tanks) maintenance and repair, mobile multi-purpose washing station was put in operation in May 2002. Engineering process of the way of railroad tanks washing allows to perform the operation of ablution efficiently and qualitatively in short terms (up to 20 min per tank), using marginal quantity of energy supply.

Presently the new program directed on cars modernization operates at the enterprise. In accordance with this program the Centre modernizes mineral carriers and cement carriers on cars for transportation of bulk cargo.

The enterprise manufactures slag concrete materials and units (cement mortar, slag concrete, breeze block, walkway slabs, foundation blocks and others).

In 2004 SE "UkrspetsWagon" obtained a license of the Ministry of Transport and Communication of Ukraine for rendering services in freight railway transportation (mineral fertilizers, petrol, bitumen, alcohol, wine, sulphuric acid, diesel fuel and others).

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