Poltavakholod, Open Joint-Stock Company

  • Address:
    51/2 Zynkivska str., c. Poltava, 36009, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(05322) 53-61-11, 53-61-12, 53-61-13
Director - Lyudmila M. Yanovich

- "Arlekino", "Yalynka", "Lider", "Poltavske z gorihamy,” "Sendvich", "Simeyne", "Fakel", "Kashtan" ice-cream, cakes, pies, cakes
- desiccated milk
- "Selyanske" butter
- cocoa fat
- emulgator.

Open JSC “Poltavakholod” is founded on the 12th of July, 1996 by the Fund of State
property by means of transforming of the state enterprise “Poltavakholod” into open Joint Stock Company according to the Laws of Ukraine. At present time there is no state share in Statute fund.

The subject of activity of the enterprise is a wholesale of food products, keeping of food products in low-temperature refrigerators, manufacturing.
Basic funds make 14 millions hryvnyas, including 2 refrigerators with keeping temperature – 24 C (capacity of the refrigerator in Poltava is 3000 tons, capacity of the refrigerator in Kremenchug is 5000 tons), an ice-cream factory, a boiler-house etc.

JSC “Poltavakholod” has 20-year experience in ice-cream manufacturing and all the
time the enterprise is a leader among the home producers in manufacturing of qualitative products and using of new technologies and new kinds of raw materials.

Assortment of produced ice-cream includes more than 30 names. All of the products
are certified according to international standards. The food components of Poltava region, the ecologically clearest region in Ukraine, are used in manufacturing of ice-cream.

Some kinds of ice-cream are produced in accordance with the recipes and technologies worked –out by the employees of the enterprise. These products distinguish by their modern packing and original names. "Poltavskoye" - with chocolate icing and nuts, "Arlekino", "Sadwich" - with raisins in rum.