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TeleCom - 1, Television Company

  • Address:
    24-B Lenina ave., c. Mykolayiv, 54029, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(0512) 47-71-15, 47-89-39
Director - Irina S. Shatura

The TV studio The 7th Channel was established in 1990. The first broadcast took place on December 13, 1990.

The TV company TeleCom 1 as an independent TV and radio organization was set up in December 1991 (the License of the National Committee for Television and Radio #16, July 17,1995).

Our audience is 1 million people in the Mykolaiv oblast. We have branches in the towns of Voznesensk and Pervomaysk.

We are on the air daily from 7.00a.m till 1.00p.m. with no interval.

In November, 1991, TeleCom 1 joined the Ukrainian Television Union, and since July 1997, it is a member of the TV-network of Ukraine STB enabling exchange of TV programs, production of information items for domestic and foreign TV companies, as well as production and operative broadcast of advertisement both within and beyond Ukraine.

We can produce and place advertisements in feature films and documentaries, TV series, information, sports, entertainment, musical programs and programs for children broadcast on our channel.

Information programs:
Vikna-novyny (Vikna-news):produced by STB (Kyiv) informs the audience of the events in Ukraine, the CIS countries, and events in other countries.
Vikna-business: produced by STB (Kyiv): the events in the business world of Ukraine and abroad.
Vikna-sport produced by STB (Kyiv): the main sports events.
ONO produced by TeleCom 1 (Mykolaiv): informs its viewers of the events which took place in Mykolaiv and the oblast.

The advertising and informational programs +7 and the Trade House will tell you about new goods and services in Mykolaiv.

The Present program daily greets local people on the occasions of their anniversaries.

The comic programs Vot te raz! and Wot te razers predstavlyayet! (Mykolaiv) will keep the audience in a good mood.

The programs Vikna-sport, English football, and Italian Soccer Championship (Kyiv,STB) will meet the demands of sport-lovers.

Professionalism and young age of the companys staff adding to each other, let us work out creative approaches and non-standard solutions.

We guarantee our deeds will confirm our words!

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