Enterprise Malvy Ltd, Limited Liability Company

  • Address:
    3 Lytvynenka str., c. Lviv, 79034, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(0322) 40-43-81, 40-43-83, 70-30-13, 70-85-05
Director - Svyatoslav Oleynik

Lviv shoe factory "Malvy" was founded in 1994 and now it is well known as a manufacturer of beautiful, fashionable and convenient shoes of high quality.
Shoes with "Malvy" brand are made of natural leather, supplied by Ukrainian and foreign manufacturers. Accessories are supplied by German, Italian and Polish companies. Soles are made of thermoplastic and polyurethane rubber.

"Malvy" collection consists of more than 70 models of shoes for women, kids, teenagers and men. Their assortment is constantly renewed and replenished.

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