Sea Commercial Port of Mykolayiv

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    23 Zavodska str., c. Mykolayiv, 54002, Ukraine
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    +38(0512) 50-78-34, 50-84-00, 50-88-07
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Sea Commercial Port of Mykolayiv, one of the oldest ports in Ukraine, was founded in 1862. A port is a specific transport business, a gate on the way to national economy. Sea Commercial Port of Mykolayiv takes one of the leading places among the ports of Ukraine in handling import, export and cabotage cargoes, ensuring transit carriages of various cargoes, handling containers and packages.

Mykolayiv Port is an active, developed, competitive enterprise and has all necessary conditions for that. These are sufficient depths, availability of modern transshipment facilities, proximity to industrial centers of Ukraine and Russia, free access up and down the rivers deep into the land, developed railway network, good communications, a mail, telegraph, airline connections, experienced agents and forwarders.

You will be offered a wide range of services meeting the world standards. Experts of the Port departments will try their best to help you to find a variant of mutually beneficial cooperation taking into account our partners' interests. Close collaboration with agencies, forwarding and ship-chandler companies allow the Port of Mykolayiv to organize effectively complex handling of vessels, cargoes and servicing of crews.

Port authorities guarantee that your stay in the Port will be as pleasant and efficient as possible.


Sea Commercial Port of Mykolayiv is a modern highly mechanized port. It is located on a big peninsula, on the left bank of the Yuzhny Bug River, 35 km upstream from the place where the Yuzhny Bug flows into the Dnieper.

Position of the Port: Lat. 45° 56' N., Long. 31° 57' E

The Port is linked with the Black Sea by an approach channel going through the Dnieper - the Bugsky Channel and the Yuzhny Bug River. Length of the channel is 44 miles from Mykolayiv Port to Ochakov Port. Its bottom breadth is 100 m and the depth is 10,6 m. Port aquatorium of 9—10,5 m deep is a good anchorage for big-tonnage vessels. The permissible freshwater draft is 9,8 m, the permissible length of a vessel is 215 m and the beam is 30 m respectively.

The Port is opened for navigation all year round. During Ice Campaign vessels are escorted by port ice-breakers.

The Port has all modern communications including the satellite one.

Aquatorium of the Port is 227 ha.
Territory of the Port is 94,8 ha.
Length of the Port berth line is 2352 m.
Storage capacity of warehouses is 27,3ths sq. m.
Storage capacity of sheds is 174,6ths sq. m.
The nearest airports are Mykolayiv, Kherson, Odessa.


- loading and unloading vessels, cleaning of ship spaces after discharge;
- forwarding operations and warehousing;
- transshipment of cargoes;
- drawing up of all freight documents and shipping papers;
- giving vacant berth or place in the outer harbour for prerepair preparation of vessels, logistics, food supply for the crews, minor repairs;
- registration of vessels arrival and departure;
- lashing of cargo;
- providing places in the outer harbor for fumigation and decontamination


- the port is equipped with up-to-date facilities;
- transshipment facilities for handling of different cargoes:
- bulk;
- dry bulk
- general;
- heavy-weight;
- oversized cargoes;
- containers and others.

The Port has the following facilities available:
- portal cranes with the cpacity of 5 t to 40 t;
- forklift trucks with the cpacity of 1,5 t to 25 t;
- tractors, bulldozers, special tractors, excavators, hold and warehouse machines, rolltrailers and low-bed trailers;
- floating cranes with the cpacity of 5 t and 100 t designed for transshipment of heavy-weight cargoes.

Loading and discharging of cargoes, grain, raw sugar, dangerous cargoes of certain classes, fertilizers in bulk is effected by a direct variant.

Dangerous cargoes are handled by the Port in compliance with IMDG Code (IMO).
The Port renders all kinds of services related to cargo transshipment and ship calling.
For handling of vessels, wagons, trucks, the Port has proper production capacities, including berths, warehouses and transshipment facilities.

Cargo handling operations are effected twenty four hours a day including week-ends and holidays. High intensity of cargo handling operations in respect of all cargoes, including heavy-weight, long, oversized, containerized, bulk and dry bulk cargoes, helps to reduce charterers' expences.

Trucks of the Port transport depot provide long-distance and foreign transportation services.

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