Yuzhny, Sea Commercial Port

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    13 Beregova str., c. Yuzhne, Odesa , Odesa reg., 65481, Ukraine
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    +38(048) 750-74-44, 750-77-79
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SEA COMMERCIAL PORT OF YUZHNY is a universal non-freezing seaport. Nowadays it occupies the third place among the Ukrainian seaports on turn-over which in 2001 amounted to 13,7 mln t and in the first half of 2002-7,9 mln t. Regular and potential clients and business partners of Port Yuzhny are situated not only in Ukraine, but also in Russia , Byelorussia and other countries of Europe and Asia.

High competitiveness of Port Yuzhny among other Ukranian ports is stipulated by its most favorable geographical location. Being an efficient transport junction on the Black Sea and the most deep-water Ukranian seaport, Port Yuzhny is capable to render a wide range of services.

Strategy of the Port means strengthening of its positions on the market as a leading Black Sea port in transshipment of bulk cargoes, chemical bulk and liquid cargoes, in increase of general cargo turn-over. Aiming at becoming the most economical and safe transport junction in Ukraine and on the Black Sea in general, we have dredged the port water area and the approach channel, reconstructed the berths and railways spur tracks, build new transshipping terminals.
Today and tomorrow we will do our utmost to create the most favorable conditions for successful mutually profitable cooperation with our partners.

- Favorable geographical location
- All the year round navigation
- Convenient and advanced transport connection with highways, railways and pipe mains
- High rate of cargo processing at all port's terminals
- The largest on the Black Sea coast terminal for transshipment of chemical bulk and liquid cargoes
- Top qualified staff
- Flexible rate system of port dues and cargo charges

- The second phase of the universal terminal for general and bulk cargo with open storage areas of 18,5 thous. sq. m, throughput of 1 mln tons per year (berth No 8) is begun to be constructed. The length of the berth is 285 m , depth is 15m.
- The oil terminal "Pivdenny" which was put into operation in the first half of 2002 will allow the port to increase annual freight turn-over by 9 mln tons.

TRANSSHIPMENT TERMINALS (round the clock operation)

Loading & Discharging Area No.1 (on the western shore) intended for transshipment of chemical cargoes. The District consists of three specialized terminals:

- the first terminal specializes in handling of bulk urea ( consists of two berths Nos.1,2 with total length about 500 m) and is equipped with five specialized ship-loading machines. The throughput capacity of the terminal - 4 mln tons per year. An average loading rate is 12 thous. tons per vessel per 24 hours..

- the second terminal specializes in handling of liquid chemical cargoes. The terminal consists of two berths with a total length of 213 m. ( No 3 - for loading of ammonia, № 4 - for loading of methanol, urea ammonium solution). The berths are equipped with standers, pipelines and up-to-date automatic environment control system. Throughput capacity - 4 mln tons per year. An average loading rate is 1 thous. tons per hour per vessel. (The second terminal's operator is Odessa Portal Plant).

- the third terminal till the middle of 2002 was intended for handling of sea and river sand by a hydraulic method and at present is in the stage of marketing research aiming to increase its efficiency.

Loading & Discharging District No.2 ( on the eastern shore) transships bulk cargoes and steel products. The District consists of two specialized terminals:

Bulk & general cargo terminal has three berths ( Nos.5,6,7) with total length - 915 m and depths at berths 14 - 15,5m. The second phase of the berth No 8 is begun to be constructed. Vessels carrying capacity of up to 100 thousand tons are being handled at the terminal's berths. The throughput ca-
pacity of the terminal - 6,5 mln tons per year. An average loading rate for general cargo is 5 thous. tons per day per vessel, for bulk cargo - 8 thous. tons per day per vessel.
In 2001 the reconstruction and expansion of spur-tracks from "Beregovaya station" to loading-discharging district No 2 with its length 2,6 km were finished.

Joint Venture "TransInvestService" is an operator of the terminal. The terminal is equipped with unique equipment: ship-unloaders, a mobile ship-loader, covered hermetic warehouses.
At the port there are also THREE AUXILIARY BERTHS for port fleet vessels.

Technologically it is made as a reversing system which allows to receive oil from the sea and discharge it into tankers from existing oil pipe-lines.
- depths of the approach channel - 15,5 m
- depths at berths - 14 -15,5 m
- anchorage - 24 vessels at outer port water area
- road berth at inner port water area
- length of a berthing line - 2,3 km
- open storage area - 121 thousand sq.m
- shed storage area for general cargo - 2 thousand sq.m

Bulk cargoes: coal, iron ore pellets, different ores, pig iron, bauxites, iron ore briquettes, ferrous alloys, grain, etc.
Chemical cargoes and fertilizers: bulk urea, ammonia, methanol, urea-ammonium solution, ammonium nitrate, rutile, magnesia, ammonium sulfate, phosphorites, potash, etc.
General cargoes: finished and semi-finished metal products: square billets, cold and hot rolled steel sheets, wire rods in coils, reinforcing steel, slabs, steel plates in different package, etc.
Oil and oil products.

To cargo-owners: sorting cargoes by lots, marks, sizes and in accordance with Bill of Lading's consignments, separation of cargoes; fastening, lashing, stowage of cargoes and special fastening of cargoes according to additional agreements; packing of cargoes; marking and remarking of cargoes; re-weighing of bulk cargoes on port's scales; defrosting of bulk cargoes in winter time; freight transportation by port's vehicles; passenger transportation on a client's request with the buses of the port; drawing up of entire set of cargo documents.

To ship-owners: providing leading for LPG carries and safety of vessels during the whole procedure of loading; water and fuel bunkering, boom deployment round the vessels, supplying vessels with energy; providing vacant berths for small repairs of navigation equipment of vessels, standing out and other needs; drawing up free practice to the vessels; issuing certificates about sailing qualification; changing addresses in seaman's books and expending validity of seaman's books; medical services.

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