Donetskoblenergo, Public Joint-Stock Company

  • Address:
    8 Ostrovskogo str., c. Kramatorsk, Donetsk reg., 84300, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(0626) 41-24-81, (095) 291-24-51
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Open Join-Stock Company "Donetskoblenergo" was founded in June 1995 in the process of restructuring of Ukrainian power engineering industry.

Our company specializes in transmission and distribution of power in Donetsk region - the most industrialized region in Ukraine - and in power supply to 4,5 million people throughout the area of 26,5 thousand square kilometers. Number of customers connected makes up 1 mln 796 thousand including 17046 industrial customers.

Our company consists of 10 operational units:
8 electric networks (Central, Donetsk, Donetsk Western, Makeevka, Kramotorsk, Kirovsk, Priazovie, Khartsyzsk);
Mironovskaya Power Station;
Military Detachment N 201
Total number of employees is 9116, including 8710 of operational staff.

Mironovskaya Power Station was put into operation in 1953.
Installed capacity is 160 MW. There are two turbines at the station - 100 & 60 MW and 6 boilers with nominal productivity of 230 t/hour.
Power Station equipment has already worked out its resources.
Mironovskaya Power Station supplied heat to local enterprises and to domestic customers in the nearby district.

Today it is under reconstruction. The circulation fluidized-bed boiler produced by «RAFAKO S.A.» (Poland) is being mounted. It works on coal of low quality that is mined in Donetsk region. Boilers of such type work in Europe already, but it is the first one in CIS. Usage of CFB boiler will give an opportunity to reduce rejections of sulphur and nitrogen oxides to strict European standards.
At the sane time unit 5 is being built at the station. It will include a new turbine KT-115-8,8 with the capacity of 115 tkW produced by Leningrad Metal Plant (Saint Petersburg, Russia), a new generator TA-120-2-MUZ, produced by Electrotyazhmash (Kharkov, Ukraine) and two boilers 9 &10, type TP-230, produced by Taganrog boiler building Plant (Taganrog, Russia).
Works on mounting boiler 9 with the capacity of 230 t/hour have been finished, now the operational regimes are being tested. 80,2 mln grivnas have been spent.
Turbine 5 and boiler 10 are to be put into operation in 2001.

Donetskoblenergo has the longest network in Ukraine. It has more than 67 thousand km of aerial lines, including
110 kV - 2706 km
35 kV - 3360 km
10 kV - 9374 km
There are 15508 transformers installed in the network, their capacity is more than 11,9 thousand MWA.

In 2000 energy consumption made up 19,9 b.kWh.
The structure of energy consumption is as follows:
Industry - 72,2%
Domestic - 12%
Public utilities - 6,3%
Transport - 5,4%
Agriculture - 2,2%
Other non-industrial - 1,5%
Building - 0,4%
Capital structure at 01/01/2000:
Authorized capital - 81896468,75 UAH
State - 65,06%
Legal entities - 32,11%
Individuals - 2,83%