SviTaho Company

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    5A, Solov'inaya str., Zdolbuniv distr., Rivne reg., 35708, Ukraine
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    +38(067) 360-44-32, 630-86-21, 756-61-80
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"SviTaho" provides a wide range of services relating to the maintenance of technical equipment of vehicles, including tachographs. When you purchase our equipment, our specialists will perform installation. If during operation there are any problems, this device can be repaired, and it will run like new again.

"SviTaho" company provides warranty and high quality service to all our customers. Calibration of the tachograph takes little time and can save money in the future.

Tachograph installation equates to installion of an aircraft "black box", since this device is able to capture objective information about for how long the vehicle is in motion, the driver's display characteristics of the activity (work and rest).