Volkswagen-Expert Company

Our service station specializes only in the repair of Volkswagen vehicles. We are maximally focused on VW models and have studied in detail all their technical features, regardless of the year of manufacture. We carry out a full range of services for the repair, restoration, diagnostics of cars, we offer services for maintenance, wheel alignment, chassis. The technical arsenal includes European high-precision equipment, a full staff of masters. We guarantee services on time and in full compliance with the recommendations and technical standards for the repair and replacement of parts. Car service Volkswagen-Expert is aimed at long-term cooperation, we are not looking for easy money, doing our job honestly and responsibly. You can trust us!

Our services:
- Comprehensive and computer diagnostics
- Camber-convergence
- Oil and fluid change
- Replacing filters
- Auto electrician
- Transmission repair
- Replacement of automobile hoses
- Repair of the exhaust system and mufflers
- Replacement of belts
- Fuel system repair
- Engine repair
- Car air conditioner repair
- Steering repair
- Running gear repair
- Brake system repair