Engineering and Production Enterprise VNIPITRANSGAZ, Open Joint-Stock Company

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Chairman of the Board - V. Los

The history of V T G, nowadays the Open Joint-Stock Company «Engineering and Production Enterprise «VNTPITRANSGAZ», begins in the year 1944. Since that time the company has been a leading designer of natural and other technical gas producing, transporting, storing and refining facilities both in Ukraine and Commonwealth of Independent States.
Today VTG is a comprehensive company having a highly skilled staff with up-to-date know-how, experience and technologies.
The professional experience gained in the former Soviet Union and abroad for over 50 years secures a high level of performance of work and services.


The first in the former Soviet Union project of a gas pipeline (Dashava - Kiev) which had a 509 mm diameter pipe, 5.5 MPa working pres-sure and about 500 km length was designed as far back as 1946. In the 1950s VTG mastered designing of gas pipelines of 720mm diameters and 5.5 MPa pressure (the gas pipeline named Severny Kavkaz - Tsentr which was over 1,500 km. long).
In the 1960s the first system of gas pipelines between the Central Asia and Center accounted for 1020 and 1220 mm pipes and 5.5 MPa was designed. The 1970s saw designing of stage IY of the Central Asia - Center gas pipeline system which had a 1,420 mm diameter pipe and 7.5 MPa delivery pressure. The total length of the system was 14,000 km.
VTG was the first institute to generate design philosophy, specifications and regulatory requirements applicable for building trunk gas pipelines with large diameter pipes and high delivery pressure as well as for gas pipelines laid in aggressive and hostile environments, in mountains (the Caucasus, Macedonia, Iran et cetera), in areas of permafrost and sliding and moving sand (the Central Asia, Algeria), in peat marshes, mines and lands of salinity.
In the early 1960s for the first time in the former Soviet Union on gas pipelines there were installed 4,000 / 5,000 / 6,000 KW gas pump-ing stations. In the 1970s their power went high to 10,000 / 16,000 / 25,000 KW.
Total length of all trunk gas pipelines built per Projects designed by VTG amounted to 60,000 km. The total number of compressor stations on these pipelines reached 220.


Over 30 gas and gas condensate producing gas fields developed according to VTG's projects have total capacity 390 bcm a year. The largest in Europe among them is the gas field located in Shebelinka.
The first in the former SU gas producing facilities with a cycling process (in Novo - Troitsk and in TIMOFEYEVSKOE) have been also designed by VTG.


VTG was a pioneer designer of Underground Gas Storage Facilities in the former Soviet Uni-on. The Kaluzhskoye UGS facility was designed and built in water bearing reservoirs in the year 1958. The Schelkovskoye UGS facility - in I960. Total Underground Gas Storage facilities built to the Projects designed by VTG have 54 billion NCM total working gaseous volume. The Bilche - Volytske Underground Gas Storage system is the largest facility in the world.


VTG was a founder of the deep refining tech-nology used to process associated petroleum and natural gas. Projects designed by VTG have given life to 13 large Gas Refineries with total capacity approximately 20 billion NCM a year. They include the Minnibayevskiy and Groznenskiy Gas Refineries, which produce, with ethane extraction, 2 billion NCM per year and the Sehedskiy Refinery (Hungary) - with 2.6 billion NCM yearly.
In the 1960-70s there were designed and con-structed, for the first time in the FSU, plants of extracting helium out of the gas with helium content up to 0.04 % (The Minnibayevskiy Gas Refinery and the Gas Refinery in Moscow).


VTG' s projects were the basis for construction of a great number of branch gas pipelines, high and medium pressure distribution networks, gas pressure reducing and gas flow metering stations, compressor stations for refueling nat-ural gas vehicles, cluster liquefied gas farms and other facilities of gas infrastructure.


- trunk gas pipelines, oil pipelines and products pipelines with installed on them compressor and pump stations;
- underground gas storage facilities;
- development of gas and oil producing fields;
- high capacity gas conditioning plants;
- gas and oil refineries;
- gas liquefaction and separation plants;
- oil tank farms and petroleum products stor-age facilities;
- spur gas pipelines;
- gas supply to rural residencies;
- gas supply to individual gas consumers;
- gas fired plants generating electricity;
- gas flow metering stations;
- implementation of energy-saving technologies on a turnkey basis.
- designing projects to manufacture heat exchange utilizing equipment;
- supervision, environmental estimation and monitoring of technological plants at all stages
- from design to operation;
- multi – fuel (with compressed gas inclusive) natural gas vehicle refueling and garage type stations;
- air separation and technical gas producing plants;
- feasibility study;
- business - projects in line with UNIDO's requirements;
- construction topographic and geologic sur-veys;
- drilling of artesian wells;
- communication utilities;
- corrosion surveys of pipelines and cathodic protection;
- procurement of equipment and materials;
- servicing of PC and copier equipment;
- designing of other industrial facilities and public residences.


National Joint Stock Company Naftogaz of Ukraine
Subsidiary Company Ukrgazproduction
Subsidiary Company Ukrtransgaz
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Uzbektransgas (Uzbekistan)
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Olajterv (Hungary)
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