EnergoMashSpetsStal, Public Joint-Stock Company

  • Address:
    15 Radhospna str., c. Kramatorsk, Donetsk reg., 84306, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(06264) 6-01-32, 6-45-82, 6-55-67
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Director of the Plant - Maksim V. Efimov

Sphere of business:
1. Production of liquid steel.

- a modern enterprise, specializing in production of special cast and forged billets and parts of individual and small-series production.
Billets manufactured at JSC “ ENERGOMASHSPETSSTAL” are as follows:
- castings with mass of 0,5-30 tons, made on production lines Pl-27 and LPM-75;
- castings with mass of 10-80 tons, made in caissons by the method of hand-molding;
- rough and machined forging with mass of 5-130 tons, made on forging complexes with force of 60 MN;
- ingots with mass of 5-205 tons from carbon and alloyed grades of steel.
Powers of JSC “ ENERGOMASHSPETSSTAL” in production of liquid steel, castings and forging from ingots, were put into operation in the sixties-eighties years and include:
- a steel-melting shop with four electric arc fumaces with capacity of 12, 50 and 100 tons, with vacuum induction fumace VIP-30, unit UTSVS etc;
- a steel-casting complex with two mechanized molding lines and a section of large casting and also a bay of fettling, thermal treatment, mixture preparation etc.;
- a press-and-forging shop with two forging units on the basis of presses with force of 60 MN, heating and heat-treating furnaces;
- a roughing and heat-treating complex with big quantity of metal-cutting machine tools and also with the equipment for final heat treatment of machined forging with heat treating furnaces of pit, vertical, car-bottom type, having hardening tans with water, oil, bishofit.

Liquid steel is melted in electroarc furnaces of 50, 100 tons.
Liquid steel is poured in casting molds to receive forge ingots in bulk weighing from 5 up to 68 tons.

2. Production of forgings.
Manufacturing of forgings is made in accordance with GOST (State Standard) 8479-70 and to specifications provided by the customer. Ordered forgings may be machined be later on.

- Smooth shaft, rods, electrodes.
- Cores square and rectangular.
- Plates
- Bandages, flanges, rings
- Hollow forgings.
- Clutch, disks, pinion, gears

Forgings are exposed to heat treatment, that is: annealing, isothermal annealing, normalization with the holiday, combined mode isothermal annealing with normalization etc.

3. Production of core-mold castings

- Manufacture of moulds for forgings weighing from 5 up to 10 tons.
- Manufacture of moulds for forgings weighing up to 30 tons.
- On a plot of manual sand moulding, forms for olives within the weight range of 10 - 78 tons are produced.

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