Artyomsol, State Enterprise Association

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    1a Chkalova str., c. Soledar, Artemivsk distr., Donetsk reg., 84545, Ukraine
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    +38(06274) 8-64-00
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State Enterprise Association Artyomsol is the largest salt-producer in Ukraine. It specializes in mining and processing rock food salt. Production facilities allow manufacturing more than 7 million tons of salt a year. The range of products includes: food salt and salt for industrial use of 0, 1st, 2nd, 3rd grade (unpacked and packed in bags of 20-25-30-50 kg each and big bags of 1 ton each), iodized, feed salt for cattle-breeding (salt in briquettes, lumps and blocks made of salt), crushed sieved product. The content of sodium chloride comes to 98.4%. Harmful admixtures are absent.

Salt of the enterprise is mostly used for industrial purposes, i.e. production of chemicals, deicing, etc. At present the deliveries of our products are made to the countries of CIS and Europe such as Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Poland, Austria and others.

Artyomsol Association differs from other salt manufactures in Ukraine and countries of CIS in that it has the highest guaranteed level of ensuring the deliveries:
- daily shipment of salt averages 120 - 130 railway cars;
- four working mines constitute the structure of association, therefore preventive repair of one of the mines does not affect terms of deliveries for the customer;
- Artyomsol Association is characterized by closed loop scheme of power supply, thus securing uninterrupted operation of the mines.
- financial position of the enterprise is stable, on account of which it was included in 2000 in Ukraine's Top Hundred Enterprises List.
- international recognition of achievements and quality of our products has been distinguished by the following awards:
- Arch of Europe Gold Star Award, Paris 1998;
- Platinum Star for Quality, Geneva 2000.

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