Aspekt, Artemivsk Footwear Factory, Limited Liability Company

  • Address:
    69 Soborna str., c. Artemivsk, Donetsk reg., 84500, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(0627) 44-91-61
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Director - Valentyn Lykholit

Form of property: Joint Ownership

Specialization: manufacturing of heavy-duty footwear by classical technology of glue and nail fastening of heel and sole.

Fixed assets: UAH 3,756,000
Personnel: 420
Productive capacity for 01.01.2000: 900,000 pairs per year.

Artemivsk Footwear Factory "Svitoch" was founded in 1920 and is now one of the largest manufacturers of heavy-duty footwear by classical technology of glue and nail fastening of of heel and sole in Ukaine and CIS. Today "Svitoch" is the largest supplier of workers' footwear and consumer of raw materials for footwear production of Russian Association of Textile and Light Industry Closed Joint Stock Company "Vostok-Service" (Moscow).

The factory is situated on two grounds with general area of 396657.8 square metres. Our footwear is used for protection of feet from the influence of aggressive environment, high and low temperatures, penetration of moisture and dust, etc. Nowadays we supply enterprises of almost every branch of economy: extractive, processing, heavy industries, agriculture, etc., we also are a supplier of the Ministry of Defence, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Communications. We offer competitive prices compared to foreign counterparts and hygienic and safety characteristics are much better bacause of using natural materials. hygienic and safety factors are much higher, because of using natural materials.

Put your trust in our specialists' professionalism. It will help you save your money and satisfy your workers.

Investment Proposal:
Our enterprise is situated in a special, investment-privileged, economic region and we are looking for investor to implement an investment project.

Name of the project: providing with up-to-date technological equipment for new production areas for manufacturing special purposes footwear.

Short description of the project: increase of special footwear output by new progressive technology (moulding method of sole fastening or method of vulcanization) in new production areas. Organization of overalls production. Widening the range of goods produced. Creation of 300 extra jobs. Footwear to be produced by new technology is not made in Ukraine. The same shoes come to the Ukrainian market from France, Germany and other countries. Prices of these shoes are 2-3 times higher than those planned by our factory. Today the demand for special kinds of footwear 2.5 times exceeds our production output.

Economic growth in Ukraine, increase of outputs in machine-buildig metallurgy, extractive and other industries in Ukraine and the CIS states involve increasing demand for special footwear. Our consumers are in Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Turkmenistan, Cuba.

Footwear made of modern materials by the progressive technology has high protective characteristics, attractive design. Its profitableness is much higher than that of footwear made by old technologies.
Total price of the project: 4 million dollars.
Payout term: 48 months.
Necessary sum of investment: 4 million dollars.
Form of investor’s participation: finance, raw materials for production, special technological equipment.

Commercial proposal:
Work and special footwear:
- tarpaulin boots with leather toe - $6.50
- leather boots with tarpauline tibia - $7.50
- leather boots with tarpauline tibia and metal toe - $10.50
- leather boots with leather flap (for welders) - $14
- short-cut leather boots with tarpauline tops and width-adjusting belt - $9
- leather boots with leather tops - $10
- leather boots with tarpauline tops and metal toe - $12
- leather boots - $15.50
- leather low shoes with tarpauline tops - $13

VAT included.