Kharkivvodokanal, Enterprise

  • Address:
    2, Shevchenka str., c. Kharkiv, 61013, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(057) 707-57-57, 707-58-77, 712-15-21, 712-17-65
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General Director - V. Panov

The enterprise was founded in 1914. It incorporates the following departments such as operation department for sewage networks, collectors and pump stations "KharkovOtvedenee"; biological water treatment facilities "Dykanivsky"; biological water treatment facilities "Bezlyudivsky"; storm water draining and dewatering facilities; rivers, reservoirs, hydraulic work exploitation facilities; special machines and mechanisms facilities.

Major courses of activity:
- exploitation of the sewage network, 1715 km long, including deep-seated headers - more than 60 km.;
- biological run-off water treatment (two stations with 1500 thousand cubic meters per 24 hours power);
- teleinspection of the internal state of functioning pipelines, tunnel collectors of the city water drainage facilities using native teleequipment, sanitation of the damaged parts of the net;
- rust protection of the internal net and well surfaces in the tunnel collectors, built from the ferroconcrete and concrete using polymeric or ceramic materials, nicrolit and others;
- resolving of the problem of water purification and ecological enhancement of the city small rivers and reservoirs;
- engineering and application of the actions aimed at liquidation of underflooding and exploitation of the city storm water sewage;
- design and application of:
- the system of automatic control of the engineering process and collecting of payments for given services;
- methods of liquidation of the emergency conditions using the modern exhausting facilities;
- investment projects at the water drainage objects.

KharkivKomunOchystVod carries out qualitative waste water treatment, that is testified by the most prestige awards of Europe, received in 2004 - Quality certificate EMRC for the quality compliance with world standarts.

17 Candidates and Doctors of Technical Science work at the enterprise. In 2004 one of the works was marked with the State prime of Ukraine in Science and technics sphere

In 2006 enterprise achievements are marked with diploma and medal at "The best domestically produced good of the year" in Kyiv, dedicated to the 15th anniversary of Ukrainian Independence. In 2006 the enterprise was awarded with the highest awards (Cup and two gold medals) at the international competition in Sevastopol

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